Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to tie a bandana

I like big, fun, accessories!
I started tying bandana (handkerchief's) around my wrist a loooong time ago!
you ask...
well, part fashion
part function
I started wearing a bandana around my wrist on make-up jobs, because I wouldn't make the make-up smudge, and it would keep my hands all free from smearing make-up!
And I also liked wearing it because it was a cool, CHEAP accessories!
So here's how to do it:
get any cheap bandana
(if you wash them first they are soft and WAYYYY easier to tie!)
so get your BANDANA and let's get ready to "hang out with me" on the computee:

Have fun my Kandee Krew.....typed with bold, dress how you want...and don't care what anyone says!
and PS. I get to go to Disneyland one more day with my family!!! It truly is the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!
I want to live inside there!
love and hugs...your kandee


Unknown said...

Kandee, I love you and your videos! I have been feeling really down about myself for a while, i feel i let myseld go a little bit since I have been in my relationship for so long. Anyway you have been helping me find many beauty tips that have boosted me up a lot!I finally subscribed today I never knew how. Anyway I would like to know what is a good moisturizer to use? Oh an the lemon and sugar scrub has helped my skin sooo much!

Thanks you are 1 of 2 of my fav's on you tube!

Dominique from NJ!

Miss Dress Up said...

Thanks dudette! Have so much happy fun!

Cat said...

Kandee this is unrelated to your post, but I was wondering if you knew of any products that help regrow hair/make it thicker? When I was in high school almost 7 years ago it was like a lion. Super thick and curly. Well after being diagnosed anemic, malnutrition, and be sick a lot. It's very thin. I don't want to cut my hair/change my style. I use volume shampoo, and it looks alright when it's down. As it's summer and it's super hot and humid I want to put it up, and that's when it looks very thin. Any help that you might be able to suggest would be great!! <3

Have a fun time at Disneyland. :D

Unknown said...

Hello Kandee :)

Thank you so much for a great video!!!!

You asked to leave questions and to make proposals, so, I've got one :)

Dear Kandee, please tell about nailware. What colors are the best this summer?

Thank you in advance:)


Unknown said...

*sigh* You have the most amazing smile.. :-D

Unknown said...

Glad your having a great time and that your doing better! Thanks for making me smile as always!

Sarah Hope said...

i need to start wearing them again i love em' there such a personal touch to your wardrobe u rock them :D love you bandana baby ;) xoxo

Lokum Hanim said...

you are so pretty... Love your videos!!!

Jamie said...

I just wanted to let you know how much you've personally inspired me. Your stories and videos always make me smile! You are such an incredible individual. You've inspired me to create my own blog dedicated simply to making people feel happy, the way you have me :) so I hope I can have the kind of impact you have on so many women. You're amazing, Kandee! Keep doing what you do! :D
<3 Jamie

Sophie Jenner said...

aww this great and i love your hair x
please follow me back kandee i think your amazing and always read your posts :)
x sophie-lou x

Noelle Garnier said...

I sometimes wear a bandana on my wrist, too, except that mine is a black satiny scarf thing with a rope and tassel print. I love the look of something tied around your wrist, it's elegant with a just the slightest touch of toughness! Quite pretty!
kandee fam lil sis

Gandhali said...

yay bandanas as a wrist band is such a kandee thing ... and i love it! i tie them around my wrist too, sometimes, and they always remind me of you!! :)

{:miss v:} said...

I just want to say that you're so cute! Whenever I watch your videos I always smile and giggle and sometimes a little choked up with the little inspirational quotes you post.

Thanks for the smiles! Have fun at Disneyland...oh and I wanna live in there too! hee hee!

Shutterchic said...

I want to live there too!! The closest I can get is an annual pass though :) I hope you had a great time with your family!! :oD

xo Janeth

Nati said...

kandee i heart u :-)

ur words really made my day

Anonymous said...

Kandee, I love bandanas!!!! Do you remember the Punky Bruster show in the 80's? She wore bandanas around her jeans, mixed match All Stars and neon colors. So FUN!!!! Thanks sweetie for bringing it back! Hugs!!!!

Karina91 said...

hi kandee i love your vids and your amazing :) was wondering if you could make a video of cassie make up? thanks ♥

Julia Alex said...

Hallo Kandee!

Please, pls, pls, pls do Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda looks from SATC 2 Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kandee. Your makeup is so glamorous. I like your voice but i don't need a banana around my wrist.

Chloe Leanne said...

You are so freakin happy its adorable! <3
I found your rockabilly hair do video somewhere and it linked back to this blog. I'm now going to subscribe. I'm not really a make up-e person but you make it seem more fun and interesting so I might now be inspired to experiment more :p

xoxolety said...

Kandeee!!!! :)
I love all your videos, but I recently discovered Make Up Forever's Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector , and I reallllyyyy want to try it, but I am afraid of not liking it or knowing how to use it. Can you please do a tutorial on it or a video on your rating of it! I woiuld very much appriciate it!!

Brittany said...

hello kandee! As an upcoming makeup artist from Tennessee I just want to say how much I LOVE watching your videos. They are so creative and you always have great tips!

Michael said...

I'll have to try this, Miss Kandee! I like having things around my wrist lol!

Also, one of OUR subscribers on youtube (hee hee it makes me happy that we both have the same fans! And people are saying that I remind them of you?! COOL!) thought of a great thing... since we both love to bake, we should figure out how we can bake something from our long distance and make a bake sale or something and give the money to charity. I don't know how it would work, but I am willing to try if you are! Let me know!!! =0p

Astrid said...

Hi :)
I just discovered your amazing video collection on youtube!
I love all of your tips and your "how to.." videos.
And also that video that you posted january 27th 2010, stand strong and not let anyone bring you down!
You are so beautiful, indipendent and you give me so much!
I am from Norway, North of Norway, and I can not find someone up here that can give me the tips that you do!

Best regards

sexy mutha pucka said...

I love your video's! xXx

Yina said...

i remember there was a period where people would wear those sweat soaking terry cloth material bands around their wrists.

anyway great style!

mariekegosens said...

i like your style. Your blog makes my dat happie. I wacht every day to see if you writ someting. I'm sorry if my writing is bad but i'm from the netherlands so my enlish writing is not so good.

whit love marieke

Anonymous said...

LOL: I wrote banana not bandana. I left out a caracter, but it's okay, i dont need banana too aournd my wrist.

Amanda said...

Hey Candy...I love watching your make up video's but when I try stuff at home it seems so much more drastic on my face. I am blonde, blue eyes, with VERY pale skin. (I know right....get a freakin tan allready..ha! - Dont have the time) Can you do a video for pale people about which colors are best for us? I know that you previously talked about "good for all skin tones" but what about just for my skin tone?? :) Thanks! Luv ya! <3

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