Monday, October 7, 2013

So you're gonna say something about how I dress:

 I would like to show you 2 pictures, of yours truly, from over the weekend.  If you don't read my other blog, KANDEELAND (where you might have read about our weekend), I was at my lil' guys BMX race. IT was hot, and dusty, and did I say hot already?

As you can see, I was a big fan of the cut off t-shirt, because, again, it was HOT! ha ha ha
You might also notice, I am a huge fan of the gold chain arms on my sunglasses, note they are 2 different pairs...
one pair broke, but it's ok, they only cost me like $9! That's how I try to roll with sunglasses...

There was too much sweat on my forehead for this picture...ha ha ha
I cut the back of my hair without looking, and it looks I slapped a hat on all weekend.
Well I posted a pic like this on twitter, and I'm used to getting hate, but this one person's quote, really made me want to write something to encourage anyone who gets this kind of comments or opinons from people online or in your life...
So here's the comment, I've blocked out her name so she doesn't get any hate, because I don't wish that on her, I just hope more people are inspired to love people and how their individual style and not use rude, small minded, judgement when they look at others.

As you can see, this woman's comment was not filled with kindness or constructive criticism, she was trying to be rude and don't use the word "pathetic", unnless you're trying to be hurtful or just rude.

To this woman, and to all "fashion-judgmental" people in the world....I say:
There are NO RULES when it comes to fashion. ANYONE can dress however they want.
Any young person can dress as "old lady" or "old man" and they want, and any "old" person can dress as fun as they want too!
I am not wearing anything with my boobs hanging out or my rear end hanging out. I am also not a teenager wannabe, since I was already a teenager, that would make me a "WASABE". I don't want to be a teenager again, at all. I do want to be someone who is independent, has their own style, wears what I like and what makes me feel confident. I have been dressing in what I love and what makes me happy since I was a kid and that's not gonna change.

Their are no rules for age on how you need to dress. People that make up rules for silly things like how you dress, should spend more of their precious time on things that are far more important, than concerning themselves with how others are dressed.

No one needs to wear "mom jeans" just because they are moms. And the silly thing is, those high waisted mom jeans are the very jeans that became popular that teenagers were wearing, cutting into short and stuff, and you'll never catch me in a pair of those babies either! ha ha ha

As long as you aren't wearing clothes revealing too much body parts. As long as you are classy and covering up what should be kept private, than I don't care how you dress, the color of fabric, the layers, the style, the decade it's from or ANYTHING! I support, cheer on, and compliment people of all ages on ALL styles of their dress. I don't need it to be MY style to appreciate it! Part of being open minded and loving ALL different people and their styles, is loving the differences and appreciate them for taking a step to be an INDIVIDUAL and not just blending in with the pack for fear of being made fun of.

I got tons of people coming up and saying they loved my style and or outfit and hat. And this one woman's comment, just made me feel bad, because I know other people deal with people like her leaving them comments online!

STOP HATING on STUPID things like people's style, hair, etc....and START having an open heart and mind, and looking for something you love, even if it's just someone's bravery and confidence for wearing a style you might not ever sport.

Fashion is just a fun way of getting dressed in whatever creative way you want to. It can be thrift store finds, crazy neon colors, brightly colored hair, or like you live in should be fun and should be all about what YOU love, not what anyone else loves!

I've dressed like a tomboy all through high school, I wore baggy pants, doc martens, birkenstocks, wore vans, I wore thrift store treasures from the 60's, and then I wore knee high socks and dresses. I didn't care that I got made fun of then, and it just makes me upset that as adults, people are still trying to leave a little rudeness for others unique style!

You go out and rock your style, whatever it is- if it's mom jeans, wear em proud, if it's boyfriend jeans, wear em confidently...and if I see 90 year old with hot pink hair: YOU CAN BET YOUR EYEBROWS, I'M NOT GONNA TELL HER TO DRESS MORE LIKE HER AGE....I'M GONNA SAY:

Whatever you age or style, I think you're awesome no matter how you dress or wear your hair! I love people for their hearts not their hairdo or outfit!

Huge hugs from your friend, Kandee

PS. If you wanna see our story of "EVERYONE'S GOTTA BE  A LOSER ON THEIR WAY TO THE TOP"  over the weekend, click here to visit, my KANDEELAND blog

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