Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How To Add Some Edge To Your Outfits: OOTD

Some times you might want to add a little or a lot, of edge to your outfit...
maybe you'll be inspired by my outfit of the day yesterday.
We were doing more filming for Battle Of The Strands...
(PS. I love how you  can see my Blakey in the background)

I applaud everyone that steps out of the comfort zone to BE DIFFERENT! Let your outfit, make you stand out! You are unique and original and your style should showcase who you are!

If you want just try a piece of 2 to add some "rocker" edge factor to your outfit. Getting dressed should be fun and what you feel fun in. I don't care what anyone says about my outfit, when I love it...that's all that matters. Style needs to be fearless, not fearful.  Don't wear what others want you in, where what you want YOU in!

Harley Davidson T-shirt: from a vintage clothing store, that I cut the sleeves off of
Denim Acid Washed Vest: Forever 21
Leopard Print Leggings: Forever 21 
White T-shirt (tied around waste): Forever 21
Hat: I got it at some random hat store in Toronto
Bandana: tied on my wrist- an old one I've had for years
"Cool" knuckle ring: Love Culture

Style is always hidden in the details. 
Here is my earring of the day:
And earcuff that I got at Claire's.
My lipcolor of the day is: 
Lipliner: Nightmoth from MAC
Lipstick: Heaux from MAC

I just put this "cool" ring on for fun. It got caught on EVERYTHING all day long. I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it again, unless it's for a fun picture! ha ha

And this is not a "duck face" but a "blow you a kiss face"...ha ha haha
Huge kisses from me in an elevator to you....hee hee
 And at the last minute  I changed my earrings....
And here's some boot-stomping love....
I love these boots from Jeffrey Campbell...well I love how they look, not so much how they feel after a 10 hour day! The trick about Jeffrey Campbell, is, unless they're the Lita's, you better buy those babies before they're gone...because these might be gonners already.

Style has nothing to do with your age. Style is something you have to express your creativity, at any age. Betsey Johnson is stylish and fun into her 70's! I'd rather dress more fun than boring anyday! Be fearless when you get dressed...Don't dress to impress anyone other than you!

Add some edge in the details:
Add an edgy earring, pair of shoes, handbag, bracelet...just one little detail can give you original style! Don't chase a trend, but interpret it with your own unique style and make it your own!

Huge hugs from your virtual friend, Kandee who is typing this from the floor at the airport, yes I said the floor....no seats are open and typing while standing up would be super hard...
Last night I co-hosted the LIVEe final show for Battle Of The Strands, and
I'll try to blog about that tomorrow....yes, I even wore a dress! hee hee

Huge huge, your Kandee

If you missed my last video CLICK HERE, or watch this:

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