Friday, October 4, 2013

Beauty, Beards, Boy Looks and Me

I instagrammed this, because I wanted to show everyone, this is how I look most every morning...a little bit like a boy. Maybe with my hoodie on I look like a"thug boy", but that is how I roll out.  Although I'm known for make-up and beauty-ness, I think that real beauty shines from the heart, not the face or the "make-up"! Someone can have an inch of make-up on your face and if your heart and attitude aren't beautiful, than your just like an old Cowboy town on a movie set with a fake front, but nothing really there behind the fake-ness. Let your beauty shine, so much that it can be felt in a dark room.

And now, since it seems to fit the theme...
This is me with a beard on!

I wanted to do a super fun costume tutorial for you last night I busted out my spirit gum, scissors, was cutting up beard wigs, and getting ready to show you a DUCK DYNASTY tutorial! You guys are going to love it, it was just cracking me up filming it! I still have to edit it, but it will be up hopefully on Sunday! We'll see how fast I can edit!

And here's what you guys will get to see me doing, it's "hair-larious"...and I mean hair was getting in my mouth, it was so fun to make this! I can't wait for you guys to see it!

I tried to tone down the color with a filter, so when you guys see it in full color in the video , it will look that much more fun!!!

Huge hugs and beards, your girl, I promise, a girl, but you wouldn't know that from either of these pictures, ha ha ha, Kandee

PS. To see what else I'll be trying to do this weekend CLICK HERE to see my other blog.

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