Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh Baby Cakes!

look at the smile that jumps on my face when I am in a cupcake bakery!
wandering down an old familiar street in downtown LA (on 6th in between Main & Los Angeles Street), I spotted, after lunch....a cute little place called Babycakes! And "Whoa baby! Do I love cupcakes!"....and this little store was a treat for tastebuds and eyes!
I loved the cute, fun, party colored ribbons on spools!
I was mesmerized my the options! Do I want chocolate with vanilla icing, red velvet......I better get 2!!! 
all their cupcakes are Vegan, egg free, soy free, you can choose gluten free...but yummy-filled!
I loved this saying printed on the delicate, pink, oh-so-girly, boxes, that they package your "fresh-from-the-fridge" cupcakes....the icing is so good, it melts at room temp!
me, pointing to the Babycakes NYC, sign from inside the store (it's it a twinkle in my eyes from cupcake excitement, or just the glare from the windows! ha ha ha 
here's my dainty little goodies....they are like a mix of 50's paintings, and thick, cold icing..mmmmm!
(and how stinkin' cute are the stripes on the inside of the box!?!)

Babycakes, is like a pink-retro oasis in the middle of Downtown LA!

this was my favorite...the LADIES sign underneath a tower of Babycakes boxes!
You can even order cupcakes, and have them delivered, they even have a do-it-yourself cookie idea for mother's day! Peep their wonder at:

This was my nice reward....a little cupcake love!

And just on a sidenote because I know everyone was asking me:
If you want to get your hands on a Hello Kitty purse like mine...go to

And for everyone that asked for my leg update:
Hurts super bad, I tried to put a little weight on it today and it felt like I ripped my stitches apart! YEOWWWWW! I needed another dozen cupcakes, STAT! ha ha ha ha
(and by the way, I am typing this in the air....when I edit a video or type a blog, it helps distract me from my dislike, or fear of flying! ha ha ha
 So this will be the world's longest blog, ha ha ha ha, to keep  my distracted the whole flight! ha ha ha
huge love, fromm the mile high blogger.....your kandee
PS my battery died in the plane for my I had to finish editing this with my leg elevated on a ladder rung on the bottom of my little people's bunk beds! ha ha ha


Blue Diamond said...

OMG! I would love one of those!

p.s. hope you're feeling better! :)


Lily said...

I love cupcake's too! There is this shop where I'm from in downtown Ann Arbor (where the University of Michigan is) the best cupcakes ever! I hope they'll get a lot of business when President Obama is in town because it's much deserved! Oh yeah, and the owner has been on the Food Network too!

Stick in there with your leg. You seem like a glass is half full kinda person, but it's good to hear those "feels betters!"

Feel better, and keep up with the awesome blogs! =]

Anonymous said...

Mmmm babycakes. Theyre a life saver for a gluten free lifestyle!

Deborah said...

I LOVE cupcakes!!! One of my most favorite things in the world. :-) I really hope your legs heals quickly. You seem like such a sweet person! Have a great weekend.

PoochesForPeace said...

Mmmm, those cupcakes and everything about them are sooo cute!!

Ari said...

OMG those cup cakes look soooo yummy ! It sucks that your on crouches .. my friend broke her foot and has been on them for so long and i totally understand how hard it is... and even with everything you have been threw you still remain happy and upbeat :) i so aspire to be like that <3 love you kandee xo

Perfectly Polished said...

get well soon save me a cupcake :) xx

ashleyreynolds said...

that place looks awesome!! i am visiting cali soon, and that will be another place on my list to go! <3 reading your blogs! they are so much fun, and always cheer me up! have a wonderful day =D

AmélieC. said...
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Kristina Paulk said...

Yummm Babycakes! I've been to Babycakes in NYC but I didn't realize they had one in LA too! I'm vegan, so it's like cupcake HEAVEN in there! haha.

I hope your leg gets better though, doll! You're strong enough to get through it! Take care :D

Anamarija said...

i hope that pain will go away soon.. i know how its like to be in constant pain.. :(
cupcakes r great!! they look too delicious.. i wish we have a place like this in my country..

...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

MMMMMMM Cupcakes. They looked sooo good. I'll have to check that place out soon! Ha!
Hope your leg heals fast. Take care.

Unknown said...

Those cupcakes look miiiiighty good Kandee! :) Hope you enjoy them! You look so adorable in those pics.
Hope all is going well!
~Cassidy Z.

LolitaDays said...

Hi Kandee, I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration, you love everyone, you're kind, and you take insults in stride, even if they hurt you. My name's Alisha, I'm 16, and I really wish there were people in this world more like you, especially in school, people really don't understand, (or they don't want too) we just want to spread a little more light and sunshine in the world thats all... :( Have a wonderful day/night and know that there are more people who want to accomplish the same thing you do...! :) Forever a friend of the sunshine people, Alisha

Noelle Garnier said...

Oh, Kandee! Cupcakes are my newest favorite thing ... I think they must be the girliest treat around! And so cute! Have you ever seen the little Japanese erasers that look like desserts and ice cream and other sweet stuff? I don't remember what they're called, but you'd love them ... My birthday is in one week (May 7) and talking about cake makes me excited!
xoxo and God BLESS!
kandee fam lil sis

AmélieC. said...

Hi Kandee!
I wish I could suround you in cupcakes that would take away all you pain and you WOULDN'T have to put weight on your leg, because you would be floating on a cloud of cupcakes...or maybe that's how it would feel from the sugar hi :) Hope you keep getting better hun!
My most awesomest sweetest only girl cousin Julie has a cupcake company in the LA area. She started making cupcakes for her kids parties and then it spread from there. I thought you and your little ones might get a kick from her amazing cup cake creations... Soooo CUTE! <3

Sencillamente Kyra said...

I love cupcakes ! In Spain is difficult to find them: (

Anonymous said...

Babycakes is AWESOME!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Hello Kitty purse though. Where did you get it? P.S. I think your utterly fabulous and amazing with make-up!

Elin Morén said...

Wow I just gotta say, there are so many cute little places and stores in th US.. If I ever go there, I'd probably never be abel to leave. Cupcakes!!

Anonymous said...

im obsesses with cupcakes and makeup!!! checkout my blog

Diane said...

You're such a sweetheart ! I just wish I could go to LA :))), but I'm from Europe.

have a great day!

hzwyfee said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and thanks for the Baghaus link! Good lookin' out... Much appreciated

SunLab'S Blog said...

Nice blog good creativity Awesome!

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