Monday, April 12, 2010

On your marks, get set....

Get ready to WIN!!!
I've got fun surprises!!!! For everyone that signs up for the GLAMINARS by MIDNIGHT on TUESDAY the 12th (tomorrow) will have a chance to win this awesome ZUCA BAG - which is the same bag I travel with for my make-up!!!! People stop me in airports and ask about my bag, it's that awesome!!!

This bag is awesome, and retails for $285...this is the same bag that MAC sells for their pro make-up bag line, except without the MAC logo, which I like better! (don't like the logo, makes me feel like I'm a MAC employee...ha ha ha)
I love mine, you can sit on it in the airport like I do, (ha ha ha) or you can have your client sit on it for touch-ups on set and stuff! And you can also use it as a regular suitcase if you want...and it's CARRY-ON-ABLE, on planes. I travel with mine all the time!
SO HERE's THE RULES: (i know, I hate rules, but if we don't have em, things could get crazy)
#1. You must sign-up for the GLAMINARS in SAN DIEGO, by TUESDAY (tomorrow night) at MIDNIGHT

#2. You MUST COMMENT on THIS 100 words or less, why you NEED to win this bag more than anyone else!

#3. you must include your name, or the name that shows up on the PAYPAL Payment info, (so if it was your mom or boyfriend who paid, make sure you put their name in your COMMENT) in your COMMENT (so we can verify)

#4. And that's it, the winner will be chosen on WEDNESDAY!!!

You're going to love this bag!!! I have some more surprises waiting for you at the GLAMINARS too!!! BUT THIS IS THE GRAND DADDY of them all!!!!

HOORAY! Only 5 days til SAn Diego glam time!!!!


can't wait to see you all there!!!! Off to print off the Glaminar Certificates


gettingbetter said...

Well, I am 48 and makeup is not just fun for me it is Necessary! This would be great for me, to take everything I need and love with me no matter where I go...

Ariana said...

I have a Zuca and I LOVE it for all the same reasons you do above! BEST makeup case I've ever had, by far!

<3 Ariana Makeup

bowensma said...

please have a glaminar in West Palm Beach or Miami. PLEASE :)

mette said...

I would love to win that prize, but unfortunately im living in Denmark, so I doubt I would come all the way to your glaminar although it would love to be there:) am sorry that I can not attend but I can dream of prize hihi hope that a wonderful person wins
love from denmark

mette said...

I would love to win the prize, but unfortunately im living in Denmark, so I doubt I would come all the way to your glaminar, although it would be nice to come:) am sorry that I can not attend but I can dream of prize hihi hope a wonderful person wins
love denmark

melissa vuelvas said...

I cant miss this opportunity.
I need to win this bag because i am on the process of becoming a pro make-up artist. I have a dream to become someone special and like you, i have focused on doing so. I want to accomplish a lot of things in the upcoming months and im sure this bag with help me with my goal :) its a plus that every artist must have and soon i'd be traveling and carrying my bag at the airport too. See you on saturday!! can't wait!

Melissa Vuelvas

Unknown said...

hi kandee. I would love to have this bag because I love to travel with all my makeup. I always only take a small bag with me because i do not have one big enough and then i feel like im missing something when i get to where im going~ I would love to have this bag because its super cool and super fuctional! It would be super easy to travel with. Not to mention just to use at home, I have an antique vanity with a lepoard stool ( of course) that i have all my makeup in and it takes up many of the drawers on that. But i cannot help myself, i love makeup!~ Love you kandee.. Hope you pick me!

. said...

Hello Kandee, I'm a big fan of you, from Portugal.
So I can't go to see you on your "glaminars". :'(
I wish I could, because I would like to meet you soo much. :')

Kiss, Alice Ramires <3

Cheris said...

Oooh.... LA LA! I am the very first to comment, HALLELUJAH! So I believe I deserve the Zuca bag the very most because:
1) I signed up for the Glaminar a few weeks ago :-)
2.) I have put my heart & soul into makeup artistry!
3.) I am in desperate need of a new travel makeup case.
4.) I have a girl crush on you Kandee :-) You are THE most amazing inspiration to me!!!
5.) I am a single mom of 2 and can't afford to be super stylish. And this bag is all you need to look professional!
6.) Thank you for the opportunity to enter!!
Blessings to you Kandee & Blessings to all,
Cheris Homchick

Anonymous said...

i would really like these bags(:
but doesnt everyone?
this wont be 100 words.
but this would be an amazing memory.

Unknown said...

Tuesday is the 13th, I thought, my dear Kandee! :) But we still got the idea, haha
Keep up the amazing work! You're really one of a kind and deserve everything good that happens in your life. (your boyfriend, days with your sweet mom and all that!)

Unknown said...

Darn, wish I lived in LA again and I'd sign up!! Awesome give-away for sure! I was all excited thinking I was going to be able to win (or at least enter) on my birthday. Dang it, I moved back to ID too soon! hahah :)
~Cassidy Z.

cupcakeaday said...

this is such an awesome bag I'm a freelancer and its wedding and prom season and this bag is way more professional then using my caboodle!


xo Ellie

Lisa said...

Amazing giveaway! If I had a job/extra $$ I would definitely make the drive down to San time for sure! :)

Laura Malischke said...

Zuca bags are great---many many figure skaters use them to store skates and then sit on them to put them on. The LCD lights in the wheels light up when you roll husband has one (he's a figure skating coach) and I think it's funny that his wheels light up.

I never thought about it as a makeup bag--great idea! said...

aww im so sad that i can't go!! i live in orange county. and it sucks its like bad timing. cause im broke! hopefully you do another one in LA around the same time IMATS is in LA. that would be so awesome!! well good luck to everyone entering the contest.

Anonymous said...

I so wish I lived in California right now! :) Can you do a glaminar in the midwest? I would love to go to one!

Alycia Mealy said...

andee i think i should get these bags because i just typed out a whole paragraph and the post didnt go threw haha! i travel alot between California the east coast and kauai and it would be soo so helpful in keeping my makeup and makeup brushes nice!! love you!!

MACQueen5 said...

Hey Kandee :)
Being a makeup artist has always been my ultimate dream job, and I am ready to make this dream a reality and winning this zuca bag would feel like I am finally starting my career and getting to the place I want to be. I am a single mom so I cannot afford expensive classes or schools, I appreciate you taking time to do these glamminars.I cannot wait to absorb and learn on saturday!

Thanks for all your knowledge, videos, and supportive words!

Vicky Garcia

Anonymous said...

It would be like taking dreams in a bag with me everywhere I go, a constant reminder that I have the resources of heaven in my heart and at my fingertips. Adventuring through life to leave anyone I encounter better then I meet by setting the inspiration free to make all dreams flourish. People turn from paupers into royalty with the words I say but then I get to show them by accentuating the gold already hidden in their hearts. Its not about me but about empowering others to be beautifully themselves!

Tiffany R.

Unknown said...

Alright.....why i need this bag is because im BROKE! sooo flippin broke.....i have soo much makeup and no cases or nothing only a bunch of drawers and bags and my shit keeps breaking and then i have to waste the little money i got on more makeup WTH :( a freelance makeup artist and i literly spend every penny i had on makeup 21 i have no help what so ever. I come from a strict hispanic family that wants me to do nothing with makeup...they pretty much have tried every way for me not do makeup even in evil ways so i had to move out which was the hardest thing ever becuase of money....i dont care tho because makeup is really the only thing i see myself doing.....oh let me tell u a funny little story soo when i get chances to go do makeup i take matter where is it lol. The thing is that i have no luggage lmao soo i have a big bag i put everything in like clothes shoes whatever and i also take this little cheap makeup case that i got free at school haha its soo small and clear and like plastic so i was at the airport running so fast to get to my gate that the makeup case broke on me...the only thing that was left in my hand was the handle of the case LMAO omg that day was horrible...the whole top of the case ripped right off and broke like crazy loud in front of everyoneee in the airport and was soo crowded, like a ton of people that god that was embracing and because i made like 5 people fall on their butt and so much makeup broke and got lost i had to stuff everything in my purse which isnt that big so makeup was popping out...and to put the icing on the cake i didnt make my gate on time:( thats my story....why i would want a zoca is becuase it would make my life way much easier....i would be soo greatful for have something so great in quality, i just cant afford great things like that oh and that zoca would save me soo much money on my makeup and accidents.....Thank you
Marlene Chirinos

The Fairest of the Seasons said...

Hi Kandee! I'd like to request that you do this make up look of Angelina Jolie


Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee! You are so awesome for doing this contest for us!! I am going to your Glaminar (SO EXCITED!!) and I would love to win this bag because I'm starting my career as a make-up artist doing bridal make-up and I'd love LoVe LOVE to carry all my make-up in a Zuca bag!! Doing make-up has been my dream since I was a little girl and with your inspiration and God's blessing it's finally coming true!!! I couldn't be more excited to kick-off my career this Saturday at your Glaminar! Can't wait to meet you! Love & hugs, Jessica

Breanne Alyse said...

Kandee.. I was thinking about what i could do to make myself standout in this sea of comments, and i realized.. I just need to tell the truth and tell my individual story and i hope thats enough. I (like you) am a divorced single mom. Every day i wake up and go out into the world and take steps towards being a makeup artist, i have applied everywhere, taken courses everywhere.. Recently i was tricked with a SCAM makeup class... Turns out they had no credentials and all my education is for nothing. So I'm starting again from the ground up and trying to stay positive.. I just lost my grandma and every day she told me to persue this (she was a beautician).. I just dont know where to start? youtube? craigslist? I feel liek this makeup bag will bring the professionalism to my work that i need so much at this time. Thankyou so much for your consideration and I love you so much.. i have watched every video and you have inspired me in more ways than one. I have lost 30 pounds on your hemp shake diet. I just cant tell you all the ways you have touched my life... My name is Breanne Deaver, but unfortunately.. i could never afford Glaminars. i hope they are lovely, like you. all my love, Breanne

kitkat said...

OH Kandeeeeeeeeee!
This looks soooo awesome!! May you please ... pretty pretty please do a glaminar in NEW YORK!!!! I live on long Island & Cali is so very far away. I would so love an opportunity to learn from you. I really want to get into makeup professionally. You are such a strong inspiring woman who has so much to offer the world. Keep on loving life the way you do, so many people can take an example from you.
Love & Kisses!! - Kristin!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!
My name is Meghan Nguy; the name on the Paypal account is Ryan R Crupnick (:

I absolutely LOVE and NEED this Zuca bag because I’m getting ready to launch my makeup career and be on my way to becoming a successful makeup artist like you! But everything starts with baby steps, and now I have makeup CASES that I lug around to meet friends & potential clients to show them as MANY options as possible! It will be 200x easier to pursue my career that will allow me to work for myself and make people SMILE when they see how beautiful they really are because of all the makeup I will be able to show them!

Anonymous said...

If I won this Zuca bag it would help me out so much! Words cant explain how much you inspired me and motivated me to go for my dreams not to mention taught me so many tips and tricks! You are a amazing and beautiful person and I'm sooo excited to take your glaminar class! If I won this bag I would put it to very good use I am always on the go and I travel alot, I'm only 19 so I cant afford a nice makeup case, with this bag it would help me achieve my goals by making it so much easier to travel to my clients and show them all their different options in a professional manner. My name is Kandice Brock same on my paypal account..I hope you pick me LOVE YOU KANDEE! :) see you saturday!

Cris said...

I never thought that I was going to be a makeup artist, it just happened. One day, by helping a friend get a makeover, I found out that it was the best feeling ever to see someone look and feel beautiful. That day I decided to change my career and to become a freelance MUA. I like to help women bring out the beauty that they already have within with makeup. I love doing makeup and to teach how to do it. For me, makeup is a tool to boost confidence and with that, to open doors in life. Cristina Peralta

jess91911 said...

Hi Kandee,
I read your blog religously everyday for inspiration. The first time I ever put on makeup I was 5 years old wearing my moms wet and wild purple lipstick thinking I was the hottest thing since barbie! Finally now I am able to slowly but surely take the steps needed to do what I have always dreamed of doing. I am currently in the process of taking the final steps to get my name out there. This case will be one of the last things I need to add to my kit. Thank you!
Jessica Covarrubias

Mel said...

Hi Kandee!!! My name is Melissa Graves and I did! I signed up for Glaminar!!! I'm so excited and thrilled right now I had the courage to take the next step towards my dream and it was because of you. I would love to win the bag and not sure if the comment had to be in by midnight as well, so I'm posting this now and will post another with why.

I know you here this all the time, but you are truly amaizing!!!! You are such a blessing to this dark world, your light has touched my heart

Mel said...

Hi Kandee! It's Melissa Graves again.

I feel like hitting the "Pay Now" button was a huge turning point in my life lol, but seriously it was so scary but so liberating and exciting at the same time. I'm taking control of my life and doing what makes me happy. I've been so torn what to do with my life career wise, I'm 21 and work as an EMT and have been working towards becoming an RN and I don't feel fullfilled and I don't see a happy future for me in it. I love being there for people in some of their darkest moments and being a comforter and nurturer, but it really wears on me and I don't feel called to do it anymore, or at least in that way. I've decided to do something I've always loved.....MAKEUP!!! lol and God willing I will make it to my dreams and so much farther beyond. I've been scared in the past, I told my mom I felt guilty for giving up something that helps people and makes them better, how could God want me to stray from that. and she told me God uses us everyday, in everyway and it may be my path to help Him reach people through my makeup here I go stepping out in faith and praying I can live up to the woman God has designed me to be. So I would love to win the Zuca bag and have it inspire me to fill it up and get out into the world and start filling up it up with God's love while I can do what I love.

I am so excited for Saturday (terrified driving 6 hours round trip all alone and spending a day with strangers lol) but I just can't imagine it going badly I have such wonderful feelings about it and I know I can make it through. I feel it's just one more of God's ways to get me to grow into that woman I someday hope to be =)


missnewmomma09 said...

hey kandee,
the name on the account is Jill Contreras

soo i know its probably too late for the bag post, but i figured i would say something anyway :) i lost my dad when i was 16 and in high school, at that time the only things i thought were important were boys,makeup, and getting into trouble haha, now that hes gone i see what i should have before, LIFE IS TOO SHORT not to do the things you want. i smile every day and work to make my family proud. i live locally so for you to come to SD is amazing. i cannot wait to meet you and take away so many new tricks and tips.
Sent with Love,
Josie Contreras
San Diego Local :)
ps. i cant tell you how weird it is to tell your personal life on a blog, but you put yourself out there and its contagious!!!

Unknown said...

please please please come to Portland Oregon! i want to go soooooo bad! i really want to become a makeup artist and would love to go!

marilu17 said...

I love watching all your videos =]
But can you please do a video on how to cover up the redness on the face? Mostly like on the nose.

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