Saturday, June 6, 2009

I've got ANSWERS!!!!

Hi to all you precious faces!
Here's are some answers to all the questions about which classes are what....
hope this helps.....and I can't wait to see you all in live, person!!!
We are going to have more fun than I can say!!!

have the most beautiful day!!! kandee


Jaclyn said...

I have one more question for you:

Do you need to have a cosmetology license to work on set?

Do you get a cosmetology license if you attend makeup school like MUD, Etc..?


is the only way to get one by going to traditional beauty school?

I really do not want to do hair or nails, so I'm afraid of wasting so much time on those things if I attend a traditional beauty school.

I know I don't need a license if I'm just doing Bridal makeup...but my dream is to work on set.

Please let me know (I'm confused)

thanks Kandee

Anonymous said...

i wish i had enough money to go to all your workshops!! they all sound so amazing!! but a starving college student's gotta eat and pay the bills!

Diane A said...

looking so forward to meeting you and getting all that great info and knowledge from you!!! Can't wait!! Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

hey kandee can you post up the picture and makeup info from the kristen stewart look you did?

Kandee Johnson said...

to answer Jake's question:
no you won't get a cosmo license from schools like MUD, and you don't need to be licensed to work on set...
you only need a license if you are going to be putting make-up on in a Salon....I hope that helps, I never wanted to do nails either! ha ha ha

pipedreamer said...

kandee!! i want to sign up for your glaminars but i need to know how much it costs first!!! please let me know girl!

pipedreamer said...

well.... i'm a huge nerd and i watched the end of the vid. so nevermind my question. u answered it in your vid!!! duh!!

Anonymous said...

Kandee, you're such a beautiful and generous person. I absolutely LOVE watching your videos for the great tips you give us but most importantly because they are so hugely warmhearted. You're fantastic and I'd love to attend one of your glaminars but I live in Europe. Keep up the good work!!!!

Lots of love,
Malina in Switzerland

Anonymous said...

These classes are an awesome idea :)

Make sure you tape them!!

Jaclyn said...

Thank you so much for answering my question! It really helps me out a lot :)

See you Friday!!!

Deirdre said...

Hi Kandee - I love love love your videos! Would you consider doing a Leighton Meester/Blair from "Gossip Girl" make-up video?


Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing! Too bad I live on the other side of the country :(

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee.. Luv ur videos but keep women of color I'm mind. Not ev'rypne is looking for just the right bronzer or tanned look. And you'll get a bigger following when u incl us. Thx 4 what you do!

Moon Winks Artistry said...

Kandee, you are such a sweetheart and I'm sooo addicted to your videos. I've been a pro makeup artist in Michigan for 9 years and I am super impressed with your info! I wish I could come to your glaminars, as I would love to meet you! I hope that you do some videos of the things you mentioned you will be teaching for those of us who can't make it! Good luck with your classes:) :) :)

sparklyxtink said...

Hey darlin, i have a question, which could be a request for a video if you've has this question before!

I have super dark brown eyes, and sometimes with a dramatic look, it looks ALOT. so is there a way with make up to lighten the colour of your eyes, with a shade of shadow or something?

Thanks. Hope ur okays :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee. I am a girl from little Denmark in Scandinavia who absolutely love your videos! I have always loved make-up, but watching your videos just make me love it even more (witch I never thought was possible! He he)
I wish I could attend the glaminars, but as I have already mentioned , I’m from Denmark, so sadly I can’t go!:(
But I actually have a request for a video: could you maybe do a video of have to use all the different brushes? (and I’m specially thinking of all the eye shadow brushes) that would just help me a lot! So thank you very much, and thanks for all the wonderful videos! And good luck with the glaminars!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi kandee!! Is there anyway you would be able to record your Glaminars?? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come but us i live in Scotland, it would be a bit of a journey!! But if you could record the classed then us poor people that cant make it could buy the DVD! Just a though.

Good luck with the classes! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Kandee <3

Love your tutorials.
Can you please do a Gossip Girl tutorial like in the Rolling Stone cover...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey kandee<3 you are such an amazing person! So much good energi!! It's impossible not to smile when watching you! You have a fantastic spirit!! Keep it up!! I SOOO wished I could go to your class!! I'm so jealous on everyone going!! Unfortunately I'm in England.. But going home to Norway on the 20. After 10 months here!! So that's exiting!! But I can't go to the US.. :/ but you all have a wonderful weekend! I really wish I could be there, and meet the fabulous Kandee Johnson<3 But at least I have the vids at YouTube! ;) lots of love from Helene. XxX

Ms. Mascara said...

WHOOT! WHOOT! I just signed up! I am so super duper excited!!! My husband is so tired of hearing how excited I am. I thought you had mentioned that you would send out an email with a supply list of what we should bring with us. I'm not a make-up artist, so if the list is extensive I am going to need as much time as possible to get everything. Thank you so much for giving all us girls this opportunity! :)


Bridget said...

I'm sooooo freaaaking excited for this! I'm signing up for the Friday one today! I cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

Kandee please please think of some way of recording the glaminars and make dvds or I dunno, post them online for downloading (for a fee, obviously) but pls do something for us European girls that love you and your videos and the knowledge we get from you and that cant possibly fly now to LA to attend those Glaminars. I would gladly buy online, well, wouldn't be as good as meeting you in person but would still be ALOT! We here in Europe are so jealousssss now!! Kisses and I wish you the best of luck!
Linda, Germany

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee,

As soon as you posted that you were going to have classes I wanted to respond RIGHT AWAY...but I couldn't due to various circumstances. So I am responding now:)
I just wanted to let you know how interested and excited I am to attend your glaminars...except that I am in Toronto, Canada. If, and as soon as I raise the money I will register and come to L.A.! However, if you will consider having a glaminar in New York or even Toronto I won't even hesitate to register right away!
I really want to express to you how much your videos have meant to me...might sound a little too heartfelt...but it's true.
I used to teach art with the school board and had to leave due to health problems. I have spent years so focused on managing my health that I haven't felt the same passion for things I used to feel, including art and the way I looked(I even stopped wearing makeup).
When I starting watching your videos I found that that same creative, inspired passion came back after 10 years of it being dormant. I found myself watching those tutorials over and over...buying makeup, practicing, getting creative, reminiscing about when I would do makeovers for friends and family ever since I was a young girl, and dreaming about helping other people feel absolutely beautiful.
My boyfriend is even excited to see how excited I am (it's contagious!)and keeps making little "Kandee" remarks whenever I try anything new with my makeup... lol.
I am sooo excited to take a glaminar...and hoping that you could in the meantime give some advice as to how a person with my lifestyle (I need A LOT of sleep every night...sometimes even rest during the day, need to keep high-stress environments at a mininum, if not, no high stress at all...) find a career in makeup? Is it possible to eventually (I know it would take some time) set your own part time, and still make about $1500 a month or more (all I really need, especially if I'm doing something I love)?
Anyway I'm telling you the condensed version of my life (lol)b/c I hope to inspire you to come up north just the way you inspired me into pursuing a career in makeup!
Thank you soo much Kandee!!

Anonymous said...

Kandee, I had to come on and say thank you. I've tried so many of your make up tricks and ideas and I always get so many compliments when I do! I look forward to your posts, you're a great inspiration! Thanks!!

Brandon said...

Hello Kandee. I am also a huge fan of your energy and videos. I really like the idea of taping your videos and offering DVD's to those of us who are not fortunate enough to make it to your Glaminars! I also had a suggestion for a previous post. Laura is interested in working in makeup but without the stress...maybe apply at Sephora or Ulta. That is what I will be doing. Anywho, big fan Kandee. I have subscribed to you on YouTube (blanet81)....BIG HUG and much love!

Keara said...

Hi Kandee!!
I LOVEEEEEEEE your videos and i was woundering how old do you have to be to attend the Glaminars? Cause i would really love to come to the one in NY.


Unknown said...

hey kandeee i would love love love to go to all your make-up classes.. but i was wondering if you will ever come to ny to give some seminars and be able to share everything that you have been and more.. i would so love it if you came to ny..

thank you so much i wish i could be there but times are rough and sadly to say but i will no t be able to attend..

good luck and have so much fun hope that you can soon come o NEW YORK!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee I have a question to You. I have a very light colour of my skin, dark hair and green eyes. I have a very big problem with choosing a right colour of shadows. I will be very thankful If You could help me.
I hope one day You will come for Glaminars to Poland.
Have a great weekend.
Kisses. Ewelina (Poland)

iluvlife said...

hi,i luv ur videos. thier awesome. i would luve 2 see a tutorial on beyonce's makeup like the one here:
or any other beyonce look

tigerlilliish. said...

Hi Kandee.

I will be so happy if you can make a video, with a new look. Maybe with two powerfull colers.

I'm a very BIG fan of you :)

Camilla (Denmark)

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