Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Do you wanna Ride?

 Don't you wanna ride in this with me?!? ha ha ha ha
No, I did not ride in this, for real... I just had to have Jordan take a pic of me in it!
But how fun does this look! Like a motorcycle but safer! ha ha ha
This was at the same place where we picked out our sweet mini-van, which I've nicknamed the Hawaiian Hot Rod.
This was how my hair looks when it's soaking wet, in a ponytail...
we walked through the most amazing "rain foresty" trail yesterday, where, as you can see water was running down my face. It was like a "nature shower"!

And please look at the pictures I took for you guys to see these amazing flowers at a roadside stand, where I bought some mangoes, sugar cane, coconut candy and lilikoi (which I discovered, I'm not a fan of)...

And I was gonna buy a dragon fruit for us to try, until the lady told me they were $25 a pound! One of them cost about $35! I told her, I could wait to try one! ha ha ha Then my sister said  she tried one before and that I wouldn't like it!

dragonfruit and motorcycle-cars, your kandee

clickity clack here to see the coolest hat you've ever seen?!?


Jewelz said...

Glad you are there with your family. Healing occurs when you are in paradise with your loved ones. Be well and enjoy all of the special moments you have with your kids and family!

Anonymous said...

I love dragon fruit! It's like a sweet kiwi and it's only $1.98 a pound here :) I would love to check out that rainforesty place it looks amazing! I hope your having a blast on vacation!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!! I live in Maui(: I heard you're here and its my dream to meet you. I always watch your videos and you're amazing! Please think about it(: i really really want to meet you! I love you Kandee! -Makamae Kapono
PS, I'm 13 years old and dance hula! I also live on the other side of the island, And I would go all the way across just for you! If you say yess, please e-mail me a makamae.kapono@gmail.com(:
Have a beautiful and blessed life<3 Aloha.

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