Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Hawaiian Breakfast and pretty-ness...

Mmmmmm....Macadamia crusted french toast with cream cheese and coconut syrup.... 
I great way to start the day.
this is what I look like sometimes with a hat on...ha ha ha
this is the true "beachy waves" hair style...hee hee hee
This sunset was so beautiful...but somehow it never looks as amazing in pictures as it really iphone tried to capture it...but it didn't work as great as my eyes! ha ha ha

and since we weren't near any Shave Ice....we stopped for ice cream...and this is what I got. It was NOT as good as a Shave Ice to me! ha ha ha

The best part was nit even my was my dreams. I had a dream about my dad, and in my dream I got to hug him...and I didn't want to let go...oh, golly, I can't think about it for too long or I will be crying. But I got to see him smile and hear his laugh and oh, it's already making me cry...It was the best first of August, just for that dream.

sunsets and shave ice, your kandee

Click here if you wanna see my surfer boys...


Anonymous said...

You know, that dream means his spirit knew you were missing him really bad and remembering when you were all there when you were young and he came back to say hi and give you a hug
It was his way of saying hes still there and hes there for you and everythings gonna be ok <3 :)
<3 Erica

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs.Johnson,
i love your blogging and the way you do it.

Thank you for this!

In which Hotel did you stay?
I want to get my Little Sister a Trip to Hawaii.


Unknown said...

Awwww kandee... Ur dad visited u! How cool! He wants u to know he's good and to give u peace too! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

those dreams are truly the best. i love dreaming about my mom. you're awesome kandee and baby girl is beautiful. <3 -kay conrad

Anonymous said...

Hey kandee luv u..... Lol I'm from the islands and I live on Oahu would love to let u know about some awsome spots to swim and cruise and also some Ono good food. I found out u been in HI I was like omg hello there's make up artist down here that would love to meet u hun!!!!! Of course myself lol! But for real I hope u and ur Ohana have a beautiful stay, and I hope we are serving that aloha spirit us islanders have!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Kandee I hope you are having an amazing time in Hawaii!!! I'm from Houston and was visiting Hawaii too. Now I'm sitting in the airport, sad to say goodbye. Hey! Guess what?! I got the same souvenir as you, a bright red back!! Haha Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and sweet shaved ice!!

Light hugs back at cha

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee!! We were at the fair today, and there was a shave ice stand. I told my mom that I really wanted to try shave ice so we got some and I was thinking of you as I ate it. I had blue raspberry. It probably wasn't the same as if I was sitting on the beach in Hawaii, but it was still very yummy! Hope you're having fun in Hawaii!!! :D

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