Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pardon my French

Sometimes my heart gets filled up like an empty gas tank needing the love of others.
And yes, as you can see, I wasn't joking about liking those yellow fringe Minnetonka boots- I really did buy them! ha ha ha
(and you'll never believe I bought my skirt at Whole Foods!)
And yes, I have no make-up on, accept for some hot pink lip gloss! ha ha ha
And yes, I fell in love with her hot pink I Dream of Jeannie pants!

This was an amazing night....I got to meet my friend, Frany, who not only got her nickname Frany because she is the "French Fran Drescher", but she also owns a beauty salon and tattoo studio in Montpellier France.

But she was coming to the US to visit and I had to meet her while she was here! I brought my mom along to have dinner with her amazingly sweet family!
Me, her precious daughter Maeve, son Cyril, Frany, and her sweet husband Francois!
Her handsome son Cyril, who is a BMX rider from France, my mama,  and her beautiful and sweet as sugar, daughter Maeve.

They tried to teach us French, but my mouth just couldn't make some of the sounds! ha ha ha But we all laughed as we tried. We ate hamburgers and had cheesecake.

We exchanged gifts and she brought us many yummy smelling things from Tahiti- I was in heaven.
Even though it was our first time meeting in felt like they were old friends. Frany is so sweet and beautiful from the inside out...she just shines love and happiness and it was such a great honor to meet her.

And I would love to go visit her in France someday!

If you live in France and want to go to her salon or buy some all vegetable soap she makes in Tahiti (it smells like heaven, if I knew what heaven smelled like) click here- you may have to hit the TRANSLATE button! hee hee and I dont know if there's a shopping cart but it's the Frany Tahiti Beaute soap in "Fleur de Tiare" and "Lait de Coco"....amazing!

oh I wish I could speak French, le kandee

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VanityRae said...

I love your boots! And the skirt from whole foods?! No way! You look beautiful as always, with or without makeup. & baby cupcake is adorable <3 so cool you got to meet your friends from France. I'm sure they enjoyed the burgers. Her genie pants are the Bomb! I love Fran Drescher, she has awesome style. I wish I could speak French too.. *le sigh* your mama is still rocking that blonde bob- fabulous! Glad to see you both in better spirits :) BIG HUGS your inspirational messages honestly give me strength. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oouuuy he is handsome! I take French oui oui! (:

Savanna said...

Kandee, I have read your blog faithfully for about ix months now, as well as following you on YouTube. This is the first time I have ever commented on....honestly, anything online.

I am because today I received word that a classmate was involved in a fatal accident. I have cried and cried for someone I hardly knew. If you are indeed reading this, I don't mean to upset you but I can't imagine how you are coping with the loss of your father. My heart goes out to you. I feel so broken for a stranger practically, thus I cannot even begin to imagine your heartache. You are strong, Kandee. You let me know things are going to be okay.

Thank you.

Chelsea said...


I have watched you since you've been on YouTube, I've followed all of your blogs. I just think you're an amazing person. My boyfriend of two years just broke up with me last week. Completely changed my world in a matter of seconds. I find comfort in your blogs. I read them everynight before I fall asleep. Right now, I feel like I'm at such a cross roads in my life and your kind words seem to make it a little easier. Please, don't let anyone get you down with any negative comments, I think you are beautiful inside and out. You are truly an inspiration to so many girls, including me!!

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