Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Skirts for Girls Who Hate Skirts

These are my legs on the left... (the pink pants on the left are on my friend, Frany, she is from France adn got them at some store that makes one of a kind things- so I've got nothin' to tell anyone where to get em"!)
in a long skirt, with my new favorite shoe, my yellow Minnetonka Fringe Boots (PS. I got them from Zappos.com).
Now, I may seem girly since I wear make-up sometimes and stuff, but I have dressed like a tom boy more often than anything. I am not really a dress or skirt, wearer...until recently.

I saw these "low hi hem line" (there are a million names for them, but I'm gonna choose one and refer to them as "low hi hem line" skirts to make it simple!) at Whole Foods, yeah, I know, at a grocery store, and bought the greeny-yellow one above. And I wanted to wear it every day! It was so comfy, cute, and cool (cool as in not hot).

So I went back and bought the another one, in purpley-ness, like this- these are not my legs, they are form their website:
You feel girly, but still edgy and chic at the same time! And I even wore this for traveling- the ultimate test of comfort. I could hike, go grocery shopping, I wore it to go have dinner with a friend I haven't seen in years, I could almost go running in it- ha ha ha ha! Just kidding on the running part...

Oh, this is the brand in case your Whole Foods doesn't have them, ha ha ha....here's where you can get one THREADS FOR THOUGHT.....it's the JO SKIRT. And yes, they do come in black.

ok, the cotton is super comfy, the fit is super flattering, I love the floral pattern (and I'm not really a floral pattern person), and you don't really feel like it's a skirt (don't ask me why)...the only problem is I wish they made them in more patterns- I'd almost live in them everyday.

with a tank top
long hangy t-shirt
with a loose shirt or tank belted low at the hips

with tall boots or moccasins (like I love) this cut will show off your boots!
big oversized knit sweater
with a tank and a long sleeve over or off the baggy off the shoulder shirt

aw man, wishing both my skirts weren't in the dirty clothes pile today, your kandee

If you wanna see how I got down in the "CRAFTERNOON" with my wild man, CLICK HEEEEERE.


Kandeelover said...

Hey kandee can you please do a youtube video about wilma flinstones costume i want to be her for halloween

Unknown said...

Love, love the Hi-Low skirt! Wonder if you could show a craft-noon on this! Have a few 90's long skirt that may work! Love ya & and blessed-noon . Sorry had to! Bye!!!

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