Friday, August 17, 2012

My TOP 3 Make-Up Musts...

As many of you know, the last couple months, my heart has hurt more than any desire I had to even think about putting make-up on, or even doing my hair really. I apologize to anyone who has seen me anywhere- I hope my hair or lack of make-up didn't frighten anyone. ha ha ha

The only real make-up products I have attempted at putting on, have now earned themselves into my "make-up must have" list...which I shortened to 3 products that I have been willing, or at least thought might help me look like I had gotten a little sleep or wanted to at least look a little better with some darker lashes.

So here's the skinny on the even skinnier list of TOP 3 MAKE-UP PRODUCTS:

#1. CONCEALER (well, this concealer is actually a foundation, but I'll explain)
It's amazing. It is free of lots of the yucky ingredients in foundations and concealers. It was designed for burn patients, so it can cover age spots, sun spots, scars, freckles (if you don't like em'- I have them so I know!), dark circles under the eyes- you get it!
*how I use it- I slap this stuff on over my lips, around my nostrils, on my chin if it's red, under my eyes and over my eyelids. (if you wanna dry out some shine or oil, you could go over it with a powder, but my skin is already dry and again- I haven't even bothered with powder lately)

(honorable mention- I have had the maybelline in my bathroom to put on, and the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in PERVERSION- to take with me in my make-up bag in my purse) I love them both.
I quick lining of the eyes can make you look and feel all fancy. Or at least fancy-eyed. And again, I've needed waterproof, cry proof, tear proof, you get it!
*how I use it- either draw a line on the upper lashline and smudge it, or just draw a thick winged liner. (you could rim the eyes, or "waterline" too...but I haven't even been up to doing that! ha ha ha)

L'Oreal Waterproof Double Extend Tubes
Plain and simple, I just love this mascara and that it won't come off until you take it off with a warm washcloth held against your lashed for severeal seconds.
And yes, I've needed waterproof mascara for multiple reasons. It's swim proof, cry proof and sweat proof!
*how I use it- if you want you could curl your lashes, I swipe the white end on. I let it dry (I don't know what the instructions say, but this is how it works best for me)...then I swipe on 2-3 coats of the mascara.

again, my apologies to anyone who's seen me the last couple months and was scared when they saw me thinking, does she even have make-up I probably didn't. But maybe you caught me on a fancy day, and I had mascara on. At least it's reassured me of my make-up essentials list!

Until the day I feel like blending, and all that jazz, again...these are my staples, or at least some days! At least my skin has been able to be really moisturized! ha ha ha

And I'm off like a light at bedtime and sending you huge hugs, your girl kandee

awwww, if you wanna peek into kandeeland...clicky pants here.


Anonymous said...

Kandee! Your awesome:) Stay strong girly. I know you don't need me telling you this, but you are absolutely stunning no matter what makeup your wearing.

Candy said...

I love you with all my heart kandee:):) you are the inspiration of some of my gloomy days...when I feel sad I think of your smile and make up talent and I put on my favorite lipstick and think of you and dance and scream YEAH I CAN!!!!!! Feel better sweetheart you are an angel and your whole family is<3 God will save you the best for you guys up in heaven just wait :)

Ranae J said...

I just wanted to say that you're such a blessing! I lost my Father a little over 9yrs ago and some days it feels like it was just yesterday that he went to heaven. I wanted you to know that I just recently discovered you on YouTube and you have inspired me in so many ways already! When i watched your most recent YouTube video I couldn't stop crying, everything you said about your Dad is exactly how I feel about mine, the song in the video is a blessed reminder to me that I will see him again, every time I hear it I think of my Dad. I just Wanted you to know that with God, family and love it will get better! Thank You so much for your awesomeness and for sharing yourself with the world!! Much love to You and Yours! RJ

Anonymous said...

Kandee!! Your such a sweetheart. My heart goes out to you.. The last video you did broke my heart.. Was crying in class for you. Noone should have to experience that type of pain. But God heals all and just think your dads the lucky one there where we all wanna be.. He's smiling down on you! Gods blessed you tons and he will keep on. Stay strong your beautiful! <3

Heaven Turner :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee you're beautiful & just a reminder w makeup less is always more

Anonymous said...

That is very true

tammy said...

I just wish I could pray the pain away. Thank you for being who you are Kandee, you make me feel better every time I see your smiling face on my phone and computer. Big hug to you and your family.
Sincerely your friend forever,
Tammy Narr

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