Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Awesome South African Hair Clip

This is kinda' one of the coolest, fastest, and easiest hair do's...
I saw girls wearing these in Maui.
I loved how different, cool, unique and it had that "effortless cool" look. Not like you're trying too hard,  but like you just threw your hair up in the clips and look "rocker-bohemian-chic". 
And you can wear up different ways (they come with instructions): half up, in a pony tail, twisted up  (like I did), and then up and over.

Then finally I found them...they are a Fair Trade Product from South Africa.
This hair clips, are so easy to put in, and the girl that showed me how to clip them in, said she runs with them, swims with them (I tested the swimming part out too!).
And they have a really cool bohemian-native-tribally look....
and it's a nice alternative from all the jillion of braided and bun looks! ha ha ha ha

 They come in all kinds of patterns, beads and colors. 
They have different combs for thin and thick hair too....
I ofcourse needed the "thin" one! For all 22 strands of my hair.
 I wore my hair like this all day, even while I went swimming and it was so comfortable, no pain like when you take a ponytail out or you have braids or bobby pins in your hair...
And yes, I chose the green one Im wearin' below...
and I did ask if she sold them online and would ship them...and she said YES!
 So here's the info if you want to order one...they are all different prices based on the kind of beads you choose.

But you can get them online at

You can call thrm too, and ask for Ranka  808-250-5314

They have 3 location in maui, in Kehei, in Whaler's Village, and I got mine at the one on Front St., in Lahaina (across from the Banyan Tree and near our fav spot, Local Boys Shave Ice..ha ha ha)

I was so excited to show you guys and find out she ships too, in case you want one too!
And she said they have a 1 year guarantee, but she said the know one has brought them back except a lady that had her dog chew up the clip part! ha ha ha

Happy hair days and hunting things for you guys, your kandee

Tapperoo on this too see my littles nail design.


Unknown said...

Oh My.. Yay!!! see these goodies all over the place here in South Africa!! so glad to see it go international!

Elly Østebø said...

I have one of these! Bought it like 2 years ago in a huuge street marked in London! They are sooo comfortable!

smarahheuvonn said...

Kandee! I am currently In maui staying lahaina, my hotel is just a turn from front street and I was just at that shop today! I love the hair clips, and I hope you are enjoying maui just as much as I am! I love the shaved ice as well, me and my boyfriend get mango and watermelon with sweet cream in top, if you haven't tried the sweet cream I highly suggest it.
Enjoy the rest of your trip!
All my love
Ps. My heart goes out to you and your family, i am so sorry for your loss. I hope that things are getting better.

SuperHerosWife said...

They actually sell the type of comb, beaded, things at Walgreens here at home. Go gentle though!!! They break kind of easy ;~*) BEADS everywhere lol

Tishana said...

Very cute and got to lovr something that is easy and looks great!

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