Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Would You Want a 2-Story Closet?!?

At first glance at this closet, you may get a little light-headed with amazement, excitement, perhaps you now want to pin this somewhere for when you dream about your future dream-tastic-home.

What person, wouldn't want a 2-story closet, after all?! I remember being a kid and I wanted to live in a 2 story bad. After all, ALL my favorite tv shows had 2-story houses- Diff'rent Strokes, Family Ties, Who's The Boss, Full House, The Brady Bunch, everyone lived in 2-story houses, except me. My house just had a hallway- but man, did I want a curved staircase like Arnold and Willis got to walk down.
I couldn't even imagine a 2-story closet!

This closet is another stair-steppin' closet, that's 2 stories. The owner was a Chanel fan, as you can see by the rug, downstairs. And this closet was even featured on HGTV's Million Dollar rooms because this closet was said to be worth about 5 mil-lee-ohn (yes, million) dollars.

I don't even think there's a Kardashian with a 2-story closet!

The only problem I see, or maybe it's a good thing, what if you have to keep running up and down those stairs?
#1. You are gonna get in great shape, hoofin' it up and down those steps everytime you change your mind about a shirt.
#2. You are gonna get really tired, every time you wanna change your shirt. ha ha ha ha

 I'm just happy I have a closet! ha ha ha I have lived with all my clothes in a stack of Rubbermaid plastic drawers  before, so I'm just blessed I've got a closet that I can use hangers with! ha ha ha ha

What do you think? 
Would you want a 2-story closet?
Or do all those stairs make you feel tired already?
ha ha ha ha

closets full of hugs for ya, kandee


Anonymous said...

Wow that is amazing!!! I don't even have close to enough clothes to fill that huge thing!! :) Hope youre having an amazing day Kandee XOXO

the moptimus prime said...

I totally know what you mean when you say you wanted to have a 2 storey house. I Felt the same EXACT way. Growing up with Full house lol. Especially the theme song "Step by step.."! AHHH I want steps in MY HOUSE.!!! LOL.
Love you Kandee. :D

Anonymous said...

Every woman's dream! Honestly I'm a very simple person and I wear things that are comfortable. Workin in a doctor's office doesn't shout glamore cloths lol. But I think a nice spacious walkin closet with a small vanity inside would be awsome! Anyway thanks for sharing Kandeej! Much love! <3

Anonymous said...

I think if people can have this type of closet, they dont need to run up and down the stairs. they have like personal designer or something.. my all flat is smaller than her closet :DD

RelayLinda said...

I wanted to live in a 2 story house too. Now I do and it's over rated.

Anonymous said...

I would lovvee to have a closet like that but I seriously doubt I have enough clothes to fill it up lol

joey said...

I could make this like my apt/closet.jus put a sofa bed in it and a small bathroom and im good.if I get hungry then just go get fast food or something. :-D

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