Monday, May 4, 2009

SHADY LADY substitutes!

sorry computer was not letting me type on the keyboard for some we're back in action now!!!

HERE's some replacements for the SHADY LADY set from The Balm....which is the bomb to me too! ha ha ha ha
 1. FOR LUSCIOUS LANI - ( a light peachy-goldy shimmer)you could use NAKED LUNCH from MAC or KITTEN from STILA

2. FOR EASY WHEEZIE- (a steel-blue shimmer)you could you KNIGHT or KNIGHT DEVINE from MAC or  STRIP from URBAN DECAY

3. AND FOR JET-SETTING JENNIFER-  ( a light yellowish-green shimmer)you could try maybe NYLON from MAC or any yellow shimmer that looks slighlty like the color of celery....or chartreuse ....
I had gone to MAC to see if they had similar colors for the SHADY LADY kit....and the sales girls were going crazy for the colors I had smeared all over my hands from Sephora.....they had nothing that was even close!!! They said, if we had all the colors...what would have to launch for new lines! isn't that nice!!!!
hope this helps...and check back....the Nude and FAST, Selena Gomez video is uploading!
see you soon dollfaces!!!!


Anonymous said...

You are just to cool Kandee!!!
Thanks for going through all the trouble to find eyeshadow matches.
We love you! Mmmmwahhh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank u soo much
u totally made my week..
ur so gorgeous
i think you are the best make up artist


from switzerland

Anonymous said...

i love your videos! if you dyed your hair at home what colour & brand would you use? i know its dark brown but i was just wondering you could let me know?

Anonymous said...

Hello Kandee!

I love you and your videos-as a 'newbie' I have learned a lot about makeup from you. Could you please please tell us where (if possible) to get high quality makeup like Mac for cheap price or what kind of cheap alternatives there are, at drug stores for example, that are similar in the finished look. I am going to a wedding this summer and want to look as picture perfect as possible hehe, but I do not have the money to buy so many products. So if you could share some suggestions or do a 'cheap' makeup look that would be so awesome. Thanks a million! :*

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee, I am a big fan of you vidoes and I have def learn a lot about how to put makeup on.
I was reading the comment from the person above about "cheap" makeup, and I have recently become a mark representative. I would love for you to go check it out at and tell me what you think. Maybe you have some tips for me :)
Stay the way you are!
Much love!

Anonymous said...

thanks for all your tips and info!

vero said...

AAAA Kandee te encantan tus videos y tu estilo...los he visto todos!!! jajaja aparte eres hermosa ...que ganas de algun dia verte maquillar en vivo y en directo....saludos desde CHILE!!!

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