Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sexy Vanessa Hudgens Blue-Sivery Make-Up

Vanessa Hudgens wore this look to promote High School Musical 3, I wore it to go do make-up for a fashion show....(i don't know why there's chocolate on this picture! ha ha ha)  but whatever you are going to're gonna look super, sultry, and sexy....this would be great for a date night...prom look, anytime...really.

Here are the dazzlings you're gonna need:
Face: watch my vid on getting flawless skin....
I used NAUGHTY FEATHER cream eyeshadow from BENEFIT all over eye to brow bone
(it's a light pinky-peach shimmer)
(a light pinky-peachy shimmer)
GREY UTILITY eyeliner from MAC (just plain grey) as a primer for shadow
EASY WHEEZIE from (SHADY LADY again) a light silvery blue 
dark grey or black shadow like PRINT or NEHRU from MAC or any grey really
black eyeliner to line waterline (i used SMOLDER from MAC....Revlon makes a good black too)
medium cool brown eyeshadow  ( I used COQUETTE from MAC)
or OMEGA if you are more fair (a really contour color...light ash brown)
JET-SETTING JENNIFER eyeshadow from the SHADY LADY KIT....a light shimmery goldy- with hints of light celery green
MASCARA L'oreal Double Extend Tubes in BLACK

CHEEKS: POSEY cream blush from MAC (a bright, hot pink-bubble gum color)
or you could use DOLLY from MAC (a bright pink with a goldy shimmer)
SHELL cream highlighter from MAC (a light pearly-peach highlighter)
higlighter in 10 from BENEFIT (a light pink highlighter )
LIPS: lipliner BUERRE from MAC (a nude rose color)
lipstick FABBY from MAC (i love this color....a light pinky color with gold shimmer)
lipgloss in VIVA GLAM VI Special EDITION (from MAC) a pink-rose color with sheer golden pearly shimmer


Hannah Edwards said...

your videos and personality brighten up my bad days...
plus i loooove this look & you're so very talented!

AlexiaRH said...

You are fabulous! Such a beautiful person. Just watching your videos makes me happy. You deserve nothing but the best.

Oh, and love the look, too...even though I voted for Nicole Richie. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!
I absolutely adore your blog!! I just found it today after watching your youtube videos.

I am a competitive figure skater and have a health/nutrition sort of blog at ANYWAYS, that isn't important....

but I just LOVE your energy, your enthusiasm, and your amazing tips.

I love people that are passionate about what they do...and I just think you are awesome!! I wish you could do my make up for skating competitions!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kandee! BTW how about a Megan Fox look? :)

Anonymous said...

Aah I love this look. Well I love all your looks! And I love how you think out loud! Your awesome. Keep it up!

Sarah said...

Hi Kandee! I would love love love it if you could give ideas for how to do eye makeup with red lips. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Your interpretation is much better than what's on her on the photo ;-)

Unknown said...

Another stellar look! (not that anything could look bad on such a gorgeous face as yours!!) Thank you, Kandee :) LOVE it!!

Unknown said...

You are so so so good and beautiful!
And also you are very sympatetich!!
I will try to do this make up for my friend's birthday party!!
Kisses from Italy!

FuN and MakeUp said...

lovely inspired look! i havent yet got myself a mascara primer..

Alina, from Portugal said...

Another GREAT look!!!
Kisses =D

Lil Apple said...

Hi Kandee! Hope you having a lovely day! Loving all your videos!! I was thinking...maybe you could do a video on how to use the pigment pots from Mac? Im not a makeup artist but love playing about with different looks. Would be great to know how to use these properly.... also...a really funky blue look would be good. Thank you!! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Why did you put black liner on before you put any other eye makeup on?

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks!!!
I've tried your method for applying eyeshadows and dayaaamn it really works.
Can't wait for your next tutorial...

Anonymous said...

Here's a question for you...
When you first meet your client, how do you decide how to apply their eyeshadow to play up the best features of their eyes, whether it be shape, color, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us what are the best ways to hold your head for pictures? Angle the face to one side (3/4 profile)? Chin down? Chin up? What do you think works best?

Anonymous said...

hii kandee !
first -> i loooove ur videos
there sooooo helpfull
& ur truly gorgeous..

buut, i live in switzerland and THE BALM ( SHADY LADY ) DOESN'T EXCLIST IN THE EUROP..
which MAC produce could replace this two colors that u use in this viedo? PLEEASE HELP ME

xoxo from switzerland

Anonymous said...

ya thats right
Can u write two colors on your blog tho replace this two colors from the shady lady?
that would be soo helpfull

loove u

Anonymous said...

ii looove your energy..
you are amazing

but i can't buy this shady lady set, can you write two other colors on your blog who could replace this?

thank :D

keep doing that

weee loove u

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! But i need HELP!! My eyes are always RED (maybe two kids are wearing me out! lol). So when I line my water line I look soooo tired. Any products to get the red out? Tips? Help! :) xx

Karla said...


First off I want to say, I LOVE LOVE your videos. I watch them all. I have always loved all kinds of make-up and doing make-up and hair. I love doing different and crazy colors on my eyes. (My mom has her license in cosmotology). I do have one question for you, with the economy being the way it is right now what brands do you think would be the best if you are trying to save money besides MAC (I love MAC by the way, I'm just trying to save money. Can you help?

Thanks, I can't wait to see more of your videos.


Anonymous said...

Please do a Penelope Cruz look. Also, please do a film-noir look. You are the best!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee...

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...




Leanne said...

My, oh my, so many wonderful questions!
This was a really pretty look for you. You pulled it off way better than the bratty girl did.
One more question in this ridiculously long list of questions you already have...
Illuminare foundation. You try? You like? I used it for a photoshoot and it held up really well and glimmered and shined... It did however, settle in my pores, not so cute, but I couldn't tell if it was the way it was applied or the foundation itself...

This one is not urgent so don't hurry your little tush to answer!
Thanks bunches!

Anonymous said...

great video kandee! maybe next you could do ashley olsen's look at the met gala tonight. its flawless!

Anonymous said...

Definitely better on you!! I gotta try this on me sometime...since lots of people now say i kinda look like her. It's annoying, just because she's not one of my favorites but..oh well..Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

U are such a beautiful person, from outside to inside..
ive lookd all of your vids
& i caaan't wait to watch your other videos
and specialy i love this video,
can u do other looks from vanessa hudgens?

xoxo from switzerland

jane123 said...

i loved your videos
im actually gonna go buy that bronzer moose
but anyways
i was just wondering,
i have really soft unvolumed hair
thats straight and is really hard to style
what can i do?
if i curl it
i need to use a lot o hairspray and then it looks like a mess
and goes down by the end of the day anyways

Anonymous said...

I think you're great and so beautiful!
I have a couple of questions:
I have really saggy, wringkly eye lids. How can I hide this?
I also have really thin lips. How can I plump them?
Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your videos!! I think you are the best:)
Could you do Cheryl Cole's look?
Thank you!!:)

nb4by said...

hey kandee :]
i was wondering if you can do the make up of adriana lima from a guess modeling shoot

Unknown said...


I don't know about the rest of the Europe but you can get Shady Lady in UK for 38 pounds

emily86 said...

thanks so much i kinda dont have a clue when it comes to eyeshadow and stuff so this really helped me alot! and screw the people that post mean stuff they do it because there bored and they know you dont know who they are and you cant tell them off.

Unknown said...

whatfoundation should i use to have a kin like yours??

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