Thursday, May 7, 2009

i love gifts!!!!!

I had the uber-pleasure of doing make-up for the most fun group of girls....I will be posting their hot before and afters soon......for their night out on the town in Hollywood...
And and the adorable Melissa Shumway...AKA "The Paint Princess"...sent me the most adorable package with the most adorable, "kandee" letters...everything that's me..some animal print, some retro glam, hollywood...feathers, sequins....i love it!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!

you can order custom letters from her at:
she is so sweet and wonderful!!!

and to my precious ABERDEEN SATHER....the KANDEE cd you made me....has become my daily soundtrack!!!! And the treasure-pictures you sent me are in my inspirational wall! (i need to post a picture).....your package was like an explosion of candyland-like goodies!!!!

I love presents....and you guy s sent me some of the best ones!!!! I love you!!!! and my presents!!!!

(blow dry video is on it's way)))) and more voting!


Anonymous said...

Someone send the girl a new camera!!!! ;)

Aberdeen said...

Oh my gosh!!! You are so welcome! I love, love, love everything you've done and I've been a very faithful uberfan ever since February! If I can ever be of any help in supporting your Kandee dreams, let me know!


Kelly said...

They are amazing, I want some!!

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