Friday, May 8, 2009


i had no idea that all that "hair dying" footage was stuck on the end of the BLOW DRYING video.....sorry about that...I'm not a very good editor! ha ha ha
Please, if you posted any comments, feel free to go add them again- you guys are the best comment-leavers!!! your awesome words totally encourage me to post more and more videos!!!!
hope you have the most killer hair day today!!!!!
love and super good hair...your kandee!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee I have A request Can you Show all of your personal makeup stuff like whats in your traincase or storage? Have a great day =)

igloogirl said...

hey Kandee the Cowlick Killer :) that trick TOTALLY worked & i'm having the best hair day i've had in at least a week. Thanks for the tip & for the soft, silky, smooth hair :) You're awesome & love your videos.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!

I love your videos, you have such a great personality and sense of style.
I was wondering if you could do a video with tips for redheads in make-up. I have searched all over YouTube and I still haven't found the one I am looking for.

I hope you can help me, I would appreciate it so much! (:

Kristine said...

You are sooo inspiring Kandee! You are the kind of person that makes the world a better place... Because you actually wanna help people, not just show off how good you are at hair, make-up and styling, but actually tell people how to do it them selves to!

I love your blog and videoes.. Wish you only the best!:)

And btw, I hope it's okay that I posted some of your videoes on my blog!:)

malin said...

Hi! You are really good but I wonder if you learned most of it on beautischool or if this is something you are born with?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!
I love your videos and enthusiasum. I'm a small time freelancer. (doing bridal) I want to know your solutions for putting mascara on your clients. My problem is trying to get it to look as good using the disposable wands as it would if you just used the wand that came with the tube. How many applications do you get out of a tube using disposables?
Thank you, Haley

ToOxSweEt said...

hey KANDEE!!
i love love your videos. anyway, i was wondering when and where you are going to a Glaminars because I'm really interested in doing wedding make-up looks but others as well


Rachel said...

Ya I think that would be cool if you could Show all of your personal makeup. O and also Your so wonderfull candy I love your spirit your a sweet girl.=)

Anna said...

I have the meanest baddest toughest cowlick you can imagine (might do a tut on it and post it to you lol) and I'm gonna try this out to see if it will help calm my little bad boy down.

I was watching Lisasz09 doing a haul and guess what, you are not the only one to hate the word Haul and they have come up with a new word for it, a 'beauty spree'! How funny is that. I'm so gonna do a Beauty Spree vid this afternoon just so I can slip that word in there lol

Anyways, I'm boring you with my bla bla bla!
You are amazing, keep up the good work

Me x x

Clah said...

You're just the sweetest girl ever :P I just totally want to place you in my pocket, so I'll have you always with me (L) hope u don't get it in some wrong way, my english is just not great :/ what I wanna say is that it seems like you're made like the powerfuff girls, ya know? candyes, everything that's good.. something like that ;P you're so sweet! Are you real? If so, I wish you the best :)

(I tried to comment on the youtube video, but I guess something went wrong, so I'm posting it here too. sorry if it's .. how do I say it? sorry if my comments are.. u know, repeated. got it? sorry, bad english. Have a great week :D )

LaUrEL said...

hey kandee thank you for the great videos!! i was wondering if you could do a video on like the items you bring for yourself when you go away places. (vacations, family/friend visits,ETC) and not just makeup all your little things hahaha happy video making and platypus to you hahaha (im sorry ive had a little to much sugar, BUT DONT WORRY PLATYPUS IS A COMPLIMENT THEIR THE BEST ANIMAL EVER)

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