Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 things at 2:27am

so I am staying up all night....to catch a plane to do a group of lovely girls who found me on YOUTUBE and called me to do their make-up! They are making their way to the a couple tv shows...and want to look "kandee-fied".....hee hee hee! I will post pictures of the fun-ness!!!

It is 2:45am....and after re-packing my make-up so it's safe to travel with..nothing breaking...nothing being taken away from me at security.....
I had to wake up at 3am to get to the airport...so it looks like I should just stay awake..oh nocturnal Kandee!!!!

But as I was polishing my nails....I uploaded a video that everyone was asking for....the "Distressed Jeans" that I had on in one of the shirt cutting vids...so here it is.....tattered, holey, sanded, pants!!!!

Off to load up my car with make-up cases.....and then shimmy on down to the airport...may there be no turbulence...
then I have to fly back to do some super fun Cabbage Patch Kids commercial.....oh, how I cut the hair off of my Cornsilk Hair Cabbage Path Kid.....I guess I thought I'd grow back! ha ha ha

on with the show.....


Anonymous said...

i looove your hair in this viedo
:O :D
there are beautiful
uu look so fit
im totaly jealous ha ha ha =D

ur the best make up artist .. i think

keep doing your job :D

xoxo from swizerland !

pin-up doll said...

Hi! OMG you're so awesome. I was wondering if you could do a make-up tutorial on Cheryl Cole's make-up. She is a gorgeous celebrity from England and I would love to see how I could do it. Thanks! XOXO

donnellylv said...

I have gotten SO many good makeup tips from you! Especially the flawless face vid! Now, my question is, have any creative way to make jeans a bit bigger in the waist? Other than the "normal take them to a seamstsress to let them out." Ahhum...gained a couple of pounds but would like to wear them.

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee, I was thinking lately a lot about flying to other country with makeup and maybe you, like a professional who has done it many time, could tell us what you can take with and what you cannot and what to do? That would be very helpful!

niea999 said...

I realllllly like yout white inside home !

and funny tee ^^
I used to draw on mine too, but I actually don't really know how to make these men Tshirts I use for it, more fitting me.. without a sewing machine.. If you have an idea..

thanks for the vid, as always ^^

♥ KiKi said...

I'm still dying to see how you make that anchor necklace!!! Its beautiful and I have a bunch of anchor things and was dying to make one for one of my friends birthdays as a gift. I hope you get a chance to put it up soon!P.s. I love all your viedos and the jeans are awesome!!!


Linda said...

Haha...I think I cut the hair off my CPK, too. Hope you had a safe flight!

kamjense said...

Could you please post the next video about your house tour?

TAC said...

Being a "child of the 80's" I can TOTALLY appreciate this style. ;)

march9904 said...

Can you pls post the video of a tour of your casa..Kandee's Crib episode lol? Also would love to see more videos on how to make more vintage jewlrey. Also the white watch that you are wearing and the other wrist has that cross leather band on it..well will either of those be up on your ebay page anytime soon if at all? Thanks..i think you are so beautiful and i love your videos..i'm faithly logged onto your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY eagerly awaiting the new videos ;-)

Anonymous said...

SUCH CUTE JEANS! I cant wait to cute some up myself! Have a Safe Trip & Can't wait to see pictures of your trip!

Anonymous said...

I'll keep it short..you're amazing @ what you do..which is not only a makeup artist, but @ looking healthy and being healthy! thx for sharing it...really thank u!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!!
You are the Best with all of your Great Tips and Trinks for everything!.
I Love the ripped Jeans!!
You are So Beautiful and I just Love your Personality!! you cheer up my day with your sweet attitude towards things :)
I would love to see a video tour of your House!! Your house looks so Pretty!!

can't wait to see pics of your trip!! :)
Have Fun!!

Anonymous said...

where did you get that t-shirt you are wearing in this Ripped Jean video?? I Love!! it or did you make it?? :)

californialove3 said...


CATTT said...

I absolutely love, love, LOVEEEEEEE all of your videos. you're the sweetest person! and your make up is bombbbbbb!

I just want to know how you keep yourself in such a good mood all the time. how do you steer clear from negative energy????


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the house tour!!!! It's like the MTV show cribs haha

Anonymous said...

Hi kandee!! Oh my god I love your videos!!!!

I was wondering about face makeup, I get confused on what to wear and how much to wear.
I am now wearing a makeup that goes on as like a cream and finishes a powder (I'm not sure what it's called haha) but I wanted to ask you these questions...

if you were gonna wear a powder do you put on a foundation first?

Or with the makeup I have do you wear a powder and-or foundation?

If you're wearing a powder do you apply a blush?

Do you apply a blush with a foundation or whatever I'm using?

What types of brushes do you use for the different types?

And I was wondering what the different types of face makeup were called (foundation?blush? Powder, Whatever I have? Etc.)?
Thank you SOOO much for all the help you've given me!!! Can't wait for more videos!!!

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