Sunday, July 3, 2011

Recipe for AWESOME!

 1 make-up kit of awesomeness
2 large buckets of 4th of July
1 giant box full of wigs
1 mini disco ball

 1 bag 4th of July decorations
 1 gold jacket
 1 bag of cheapo 4th of July accessories
 a mohawk

 one of the funniest... 4th of July make-up tutorials EVER!
and the fact that I stayed up all night until 6am to edit this so it would be ready to upload...
this equals =
the funniest video I've EVER CREATED!

I can't say anything else about're going to have to watch it...and make sure your bladder isn't don't want to pee your MC Hammer pants.

I am going to upload it to

this is the best video EVAAAAAAAR!

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