Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are you "Bleachorexic"?

People used to ask me all the time how I have such white teeth...I "bleach" (Not really use bleach...just teeth whitener) these bad boys!
And I found out they used part of my video in a segment on Good Morning America (I think it's hilarious they came up with the term "bleachorexic" for people that bleach their teeth, chew whitening gum, then rinse with whitening mouthwash! ha ha ah)


So when I first started doing youtube videos...I thought I'd show people how I whiten my teeth...and since I had a brief stint where I worked at a Dentist with my best friend...I got a few secretes to bleaching teeth..like how to make a "cheapo" version of teeth whitening trays....
ENTER My FIRST TEETH WHITENING video (I've heard that Plus White has since changed their formulation so I'm not sure if it still works as great as it used to!....)

teeths and tooths.....smiling, kandee

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