Monday, July 11, 2011

Wanna smell like Cupcakes?

 I personally have smelled like Vanilla (vanilla Extreme perfume from Sud Pacifique perfume) for years! People always ask what I'm wearing because I smell like vanilla cake...yumzie!

My fun friend, Aarin (yes she's a girl Aarin), own and runs her company, ivi Scents...she makes the yummiest smelling soaps, body scrubs, body butters, and bath bombs that not only smell delicious...but are good for you!
She asked if she could make a special SCENT for my birthday!!! Kandee's Birthday Cake!!! Which she asked me a bunch of questions to create my favorite flavor and color soap!
The soap, which is a cotton candy pink, smells like Vanilla cake, icing and cupcakes!!! Me and my sister both said we wanted to eat the soap, it smells so good! It's a treat in your shower!
the soap is loaded with hydrating glycerin and exotic oils and has No drying sulfates!

 The body butter, body frosting....not only smells like vanilla cake too..but is so good for your skin!
Filled with shea butter, aloe, smoothing ginko, and detoxifying white tea.

The body scrub smells so good you really want to eat it! It's filled with sweet sugar, shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin E, to leave your skin feeling buttery soft and smoother than icing! You will be amazed at your super soft and "dreamy" skin!
And this may not be the most exciting part for everyone...but it is sooooo exciting for me.....Aarin put a picture of me on the packaging!! This is soooo cool...! I want to frame one of each of these! She asked what my favorite colors are, to use on the packaging! It is so fun and "kandee-ish"! I love it!

These babies are only going to be for sale until JULY 16th 
So hurry while she still has some, she only made a small batch of each!

Aarin makes her goodies all natural and NEVER tests on animals!
She never uses mineral oil, sulfates, triclosan, phthalates, genetically modified organisms, or parabens.

a calorie free way to indulge...hee hee...

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