Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Turn your NAUGHTY HAIR day into a KNOTTY HAIR day!

Someone sent me a picture of a "double knotted" hair do from the Michael Kors Runway show to try to "Kandee-fy" it.....

NO TIME for hair-hair-do...you just need to "hairy up"?
this look took me about a minute to do..it's awesome!

Super cute, no fuss, and doesn't look like you have a "prom up-do"..ha ha ha

(easy peesy)
some mousse
bobby pins
a little hair spray for wild hairs
and ofcourse your hair

what the hair?!? how do I get a knot out of my hair?
Actually without the bobby pins holding it in place..the hair just wants to slip out of the knot. So make sure you hold it in place while you pin it OR it will just fall out!

what if I have too much hair?
your knot will just look cooler because the loops will be bigger.
I just have like 48 hairs on my head, so it looks super thin and the knot isn't as prominent as it could be. I'm just thankful for the 48 hairs I have  on my head!

Now let's go have a "knotty" good time with our hair....
I'm waiting for you in this video...(hee hee)

hair knots...your Kandee Bo-Rubber-Bandy or this case bobby pinny!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kool background, how'd you make it? :)

Jesus love. X.

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