Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July Nails!

 I did not do these awesome 4th of July nails! But my sweet friend, Julie of JulieG713 on youtube did!
So, even if you don't want to wear the "AWESOME" 4th of July make-up look I'm working on today (WAIT TIL YOU SEE IT!!!!) can let your hands have some fun too!
look at how cool this looks! Imagine if you did this 4th of July look on your toes! You'll be the hit of the day in your sandals, with your USA toes!

Until tomorrow when I post my "4th of July Spectacular"! hee hee You're gonna love it (i hope)!

Orly: Tough Cookie
(Available at Sally Beauty Supply)

MAC: Vestral White
(Available at MAC Cosmetics)

L.A. Colors- Dark Blue
L.A. Colors- Red Glitter
(Available at

Sally Hansen- French White
(Available at any drugstore)

Now let's go get all "mani-pedi patriotic!"

here's a sneak peek from my 4th of July video...this is not the final look is a secret!!! hee hee
flags on nails....kandee


luis said...

Kandee, awersome nails. Happoy 4 July.
Kises from Barcelon (Spain).

Anonymous said...

I wish you would have uploaded it today so I could do it for the party were having tomorrow cause I'm leaving really early

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