Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The BEST video I've ever made!

...or at least the funniest....and stayed up the latest to edit it in time! ha ha ha
not only does this video show you the exact "4th of July"...make-up I wore and how to do it...
but I almost peed my "star bangled"pants watching...this when I was done!
"what' that in your eye?"...you'll find out in this in video! ha ha ha

I hope this video makes you laugh...everyone needs laughter in their day...and this is why I made it for you!
(People thought I never did videos that are funny...I guess no one saw any of my "20 question" videos...they were the first of my funny videos! But not this funny! ha ha ha)
have fun watching...I made for you guys:

kittens in a basket....kandee

PS. Come see what my 4th of July looked like...CLICK HERE!

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