Saturday, July 16, 2011

Handygirl: bracelet BANGLE TAPE

the latest in utility jewelry:
"duck" or duct tape bangles....(shown here in leopard and hello kitty)
see: Sanrio Hello Kitty and Duck Tape

so if you're out at the post office and need to tape up a package...BAM! - use the bangle tape!
-you're out and the straps fall off your purse - BAM! - use your bangle tape!
-someone's talking loudly in the movies- BAM! use the bangle tape

I love me some fun prints on duct tape!

-can't find your headband- BAM!- uhhh DO NOT USE  the bangle tape....find another headband....

No, I have not actually worn these out as bangles...but I do have some grand plans to make some  awesome-tastic DIY things!

duct or duck taped....kandee

where'd I get the sparkle ring in the top picture? CHARMING CHARLIE

TO SEE how nerdastically awesome my friday nights are CLICK HERE! i think my friday night are the coolest...

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