Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disneylan & Snow White Red Lips

 Me and my sister in line to ride on the The Little Mermaid ride...we got complimentary bags under our eyes for this picture too! ha ha ha
 King Arthur's Carousel with the ever wonderful Sleeping Beauty Castle glowing it's pinkness behind! Every little girl wishes they could sleep there I think!
 Pretty flowers in Disneyland- the view from the line for Casey Juniors Train ride! Love it!
Me and my sister in front of the Castle....
Can you believe my red lips stayed on all sad I didn't get a picture with my Peter Pan hat red lips matched my red feather!
Go-go gadget super L'Oreal Infallible lipcolor (if you was in the Beyonce color, that also looks exactly like the L'Oreal "Target" color you can get at Target too!

Red lipstick and just like Disneyland: "May all your dreams come true!"...kandee

CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FAVORITE SUNGLASSES in the world we got at Disneyland!

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