Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hurry, Ever Wanted An Airbrush!!!

Dinair + ShopNBC = insane airbrush deal, on what I think is the best airbrush can't beat the airbrush created by the first person to think of using make-up with an airbrush...

Normally $500...
there are a few of these babies left on SHOPNBC for only $199...
and if you can't handle that price can make 6 payments of about $33 and you can own this whole airbrush kit!

Here's some info on what you'll get and some bonus Dinair info:

Beauty Airbrush
4 Foundation Shades - 0.25 oz each
3 Glamour & Shimmer Shades - 0.25 oz each
Facial Tanner - 0.50 oz
Brow / Shadow Guide - 3 sizes
2 Eyebrow / Liner Shades - 3 ml each
2 Eyebrow / Liner Shades - 3 ml each
"Moist & Dewy" Airbrush Moisturizer - 0.25 oz
Dinair Airbrush Cleaner - 4 oz
Makeup Practice Color - 0.25 oz
2 Practice Sheets
Color Chart
Less-Is-More Bands (in black and beige)
Dinair Corrective Concealer - 5 ml
Air Hose (6 ft)
Airbrush Travel Caps
Airtan Breather Cap
Cleaning Band
Practice Airbrush Distance Guide
Stencil Catalog
"How To Do Airbrush Makeup" DVD
Illustrated Instructions
Dinair Daily Wear Airbrush Brochure
  • Makeup provides flawless looking finish.

  • Water based, sanitary application and hypo-allergenic.

  • Oil, silicon and paraben-free.

  • Makeup stays where you put it.

  • Makeup can be mixed to create unlimited color combinations

  • Clean application. No dirty brushes or sponges.

  • 0 to 10 PSI compact, lightweight, and portable compressor.

  • Quiet, non-variable control.

  • Portable, compact size for professional and personal use.

  • Beauty airbrush sprays pixilated dots of makeup.

  • Finely mist directional spray, with no overspray on clothes or in hair.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.

  • Can do all makeup applications: foundation, blush, shadows, brows, liners and hair coverage.

  • Can even be sprayed on hair to cover grays, or to extend highlights or to fill in receding hairline or thin spots.

  • Water resistant and cleans up easily due to water-based formula.

  • Makeup coverage is feathered and blends so there are no lines of demarcation unless you create one.

  • Can be used on face, body or anywhere you want coverage and more flawless looking skin.

  • Also can spray hands to cover age spots or scars.

  • Hurry, there's only a limited supply left....

  • Dinair is awesome....I've attended their airbrush workshops that are so fun you just want to keep learn to make airbrush stencils, airbrush patterns onto your hair and body, and ofcourse learn to airbrush normal beauty make-up, cover tattoos and scars and any kind of discoloration, the list goes on and's all so fun!

  • Always giving you a beauty heads-up, your Kandee
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