Saturday, January 24, 2009

Glammy -hot valentine's date look / glam wedding look

(here's this look that I created for this bride)
(and below......I re-created it for just me for a hot-date night...except I wasn't on a hot date, I was just all dolled up from making the video below....ha ha ha ha...

things are heatin' up.....heart day is just a couple weeks if you wanna add some heat to your look....OR
if you wanna glammify the biggest runway of your life (AKA the wedding aisle)...then watch on dollface.....
the things I used:
peachy shimmer eyeshadow
matte nude eyeshadow
waterproof- Black eyeliner, liquid liner, and eyeshadow and mascara
grey eyeliner and eyeshadow
nude-pinky-rose lipliner (Buerre from MAC)
light-light pink lip pencil (to highlight)
pink lipgloss (C-Thru from MAC)
helpful videos:
flawless skin video
applying fake eyelashes


Anonymous said...

This look is beautiful. Will you please post the names of products that you used to achieve this look? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I know that pinky-rose tones work best for Cacausian brides, but what you suggest for African-American brides? My colories is similar to Angela Bassett. Thanks

Gnaz said...

Could you please tell us the names of the products you used for MAC?

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