Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Neutral Eye -Day Look

Bonus note: Today I booked the new Campaign and Catalog for Skagen's (the watch company) new line of jewelry....yay! I get to play with some fun highlighting techniques to make the models skin look as sparkling as the jewlery...I'll try to take some pics on set to show you guys!!!

Introducing the first, in a collection of, "Shifting-into-Neutral", flattering, day-time looks....on all eye and skin colors!
Plus, they are fast-fast-fast! we like quickie make-up!

videos to go along with this one:
defining your eyebrows (Youtube username: kandeejohnson
flawless skin (same as above)

BRULE (eyeshadow)
BARK or SCENE (eyeshadow)
CONCRETE (eyeshdaw)
CARBON (black eyeshadow for defining lashline)
PHONE NUMBER (eye liner or you cn use SMOLDER)
DEEP PINK( powder blush)
ANGEL (light pink blush

BRUSHES: fluffy brush, flat blending brush, rounded tip blending brush, angled brush

Thanks for subscribing everyone!!! You're all part of my fabulous team now! lipgloss and lashes, kandee


Unknown said...

Hi Kandee, thanks for this one. Would you mind listing all the lip products you use in this video.

I love love love that you listed the products you use in the video.

I struggle with that the most - not hearing you or not understanding the product you use.

Thank you!

daily scoop said...

Lovin' the earrings!

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