Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to Clean Make-Up Brushes

TA-DA! I finally conquered my video software dilemmas...yay!

And now you can go out in the world...armed with the knowledge of how to properly cleanse your make-up brushes...look out world!

things you'll need to begin the conquering:

dirty brushes

paper towels

baby shampoo or gentle/moisturizing shampoo

extra virgin olive oil (no exceptions on the oil, no cooking oils......)

Make-up brushes accumulate oils from the skin, as well as the pigments, waxes, and emollients in make-up. These ingredients and oils, do not dissolve in water (they're designed that way so they don't come off easily), so they require the "like dissolves like" theory....oils dissolve oil.

The olive oil will dissolve and loosen all the make-up from the fibers of the brush, so you can just suds em' up, and they're good as new.

You can also use olive oil as an eye make-up remover...great for your lashes and skin as well...and considering you can buy a gallon of olive oil for about $25'll be the cheapest make-up remover you'll ever have.


ian ruhter photography said...

your out of control. word. dont stop now

Kana said...

OMG i can't believe I never thought about baby shampoo for cleaning. and the olive oil... wow - super easy!!! I'm so glad I found this!

Unknown said...

Wauw! That's so easy! I love it!

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