Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cute Hello Kitty Nails

I love Hello Kitty! 
Was it my first Hello Kitty Folder in Kindergarden or how I fell in love with the smell of all the Hello Kitty erasers, pencil cases, and mini drawing sets at the Sanrio display? I don't know...I do know I can't even switch out my, beloved Hello Kitty purse!
May I present to you..Hello Kitty Nails!
 what you need & what I used:
paint brush- any cheap paint brush from the art or craft store will work, you could even try using a toothpick if you don't have a paintbrush
white nail polish- I used Wet N' Wild polish in 449B - it' a great bargain polish, but you'll need at least 3 coats to get nails really white
yellow polish or yellow polish pen - any yellow polish will work, but I used a Migi Nail Art pen (you can get them at

black nail polish-  any brand will work, but I used "I Believe" from Dreams by Neihule polish
red nail polish or nail art pen- and red polish is fine, but I used the Migi Nail Art pen again, it's fun!
top coat- it also will help if you use a basecoat before you begin with the white polish! I used Seche Vite Top Coat
Here's a Hello Kitty image to help you when painting her on your nails!
(personally, my fav is the face with the nose with the black outline for the nails, but you decide!)
 Here's the Hello Kitty items you'll see in the video:
#1. My Hello Kitty Purse- I got mine at (they always seem to be sold out though!)
You can also try, but they are always sold out too!
I even saw them at the Macy's in San Francisco!
#2. Hello Kitty Ring- I got it at Hot Topic, it is really cute, adjustable, but mine had a sharp plastic piece that scratched my finger, I'm going to try to file it down!

Now see how to get some cute Hello Kitty nails on your cute lil' hands:

Hello Kitty and Hello Hugs....from your Hello Kandee!

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Jessica-Joy said...

these are too cute! I don't know how you do this!

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