Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yay! Giveaway Winners!

It's time to celebrate! Blow bubbles! Do cartwheels! Scream! hee hee hee
Here they are the big winners for the giveaways! (the jewelry contest will go on for 2 more weeks!)
I've been up for hours trying to go through and randomly select through thousands and thousands of comments on twitter, youtube, blog posts.....everywhere! IT's 2am and I'm finally done! whew!

All winners were randomly selected from youtube, my blog and twitter, so every entry ANYWHERE counted. Those were the only 3 places to enter (except for the ipad contest)

THE IPAD WINNER IS: (Chocri randomly selected the winner for the ipad 2 giveaway themselves from ALL the entries everywhere, twitter, facebook, youtube, and blog)

The CHOCRI chocolate winner is:
 ipinkbaby from Youtube

Purse contest winners:

Whooga Boot Winner:
 Julie BĂ©langer

Nikon Camera Winner:

All winners have 48 hours to respond, or we get to pick a new winner to replace that selection!

Hope you guys had fun with this contest! I am so thankful for each one of matter what...andI have won the largest prize, in receiving your love and kind words and the sparkle that each one of you has added to my heart by just leaving me a heart felt comment!
Each one of us can change the world around us with a smile and kind word!

huge love to my team of 500,000!
We are strong...and spreading love!!! your kandee

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