Monday, April 11, 2011

These shoes are amazing...

 These shoes leave me speechless with their wonderfulness... All I can say, is these are the shoes Strawberry Shortcake would wear if she ever grew up! ha ha
WARNING: these shoes are not for the "fashion mild-at-heart"..ha ha ha
These are from Irregular Choice, one of the most fun shoe makers in the world! don't you just want to wear these heels with a frilly skirt or anything actually!?
 forget wearing these, I'd just frame them in a little glass display case! (these are names Abigail's Party)

 look at these turquoise heels (aka works of art for your feet)..these are called Flicker Flack
 and in red.....oh how I love these...
 these are the Spat Attack's...or they should be called "Cute attack"....these are beyond cute shoes! these are cute-tastic!
Do you just want to try this on!? I love these here's is where I'm not sure about these shoes! ha ha ha
I think they are fun to look at though!
 then they get wild!
 don't run in these babies!

Would you where any of these!?! hee hee

Check out Irregular Choice's website for an amazing pick-me-up on a shoe wonderland!

love and fun shoes, kandee

1 comment:

Ava said...

I love those sneakers from irregular choice! i have wanted ones for ages.. I love how they have those little plastick "charms" hanging out and how spacey and scifi they look <3

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