Saturday, April 9, 2011

Traveling with Make-up!

 Me + my makeup....when we travel = this picture above!
My standard purse makeup bag - leopard and flower bag with lipliner, black smolder eyeliner from MAC, and random lipsticks and I don't why I put my makeup brushes in there...that's not where they belong!
I travel with my makeup in my Zuca bag compartments,
And my eyeshadows in my Z Palettes (everything starts with a Z! ha ha)
 I used to be in love with Kai perfume! I used to wear that and my Vanilla Extreme everyday. Now my mom just let me use her Kai lotion when I took a shower! she's such a nice mama!
My big clear, beauty bag! I have all my hair stuff in here too...flat iron, shower cap, lotions, paddle brush, q-tips...I love clear bags because you can see where everthing is. (I think my mom got this for me at Wal-Mart)

CLICK here to see my special Day-in-my-life video from yesterday! Funzee!
love and big beauty bags...your kandee

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