Thursday, April 14, 2011

I got to meet ELLE & BLAIR from YOUTUBE!

I was so excited because I don't  get chanced to meet any of the other guru's on YOUTUBE in person, hardly ever!
I've met Julieg713 (who is an absolute sweetheart), ilovegerardo (that does amazing hair tutorials and is so nice), ItsJudyTime (who is another doll), Pursebuzz (who is so cute) and Enkore (who is so hilarious in person!)...
and I've talked to Panacea81 (Lauren Luke) who lives in the UK, and is my reason I started on Youtube, after a friend showed me one of her videos (I just love her!)
and BubziBeauty...who lives in Hong Kong...and is just so sweet and adorable, I love her too!

then when I was invited to go to the Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure Premiere (I have a super fun video where I get to interview the stars and show you what it's like behind the scenes at a red (or pink) carpet was my first time doing something like that!)...
the first people to step onto the PINK carpet....were ELLE  (allthatglitters21) and BLAIR FOWLER (juicystar07).
We had emailed each other before, but never met in person, and I knew they had moved to LA!

They looked absolutely amazing! I do not have the body to fit into either one of their dresses...and it would take 20 "boob fillets" to fill up my top..ha ha ha....I really loved Blair's shoulder, kind 80's, and shoulder pads! loved it!
Elle's hair was so perfectly beautiful, I asked her how she did it...and ofcourse, I should've known it was her Beachy Waves Tutorial! Beautiful!

I felt like the nerdy kid at school, because I was behind the roped where all the press stands...a mean man would yell at me if I even got close to stepping ion front of the ropes....I got clearance to go around when I filmed this part with Elle and Blair!

They were super nice and gave me some advice on what to ask everyone. And we talked at the party inside...and took the blurry picture at the top! It's so fun to meet other guru's, because no one else understands what it's like being on youtube sometimes, editing all the time for hours...having hundreds of people say and make up awful things about you, being overwhelmed with hundreds of thousands of emails a day, that there's no way you can reply to them all... and spending your life with a video camera or computer always with you to film or work! ha ha ha

thanks Elle and Blair for being so nice...I am so excited for all you girls have going on and for being so nice to me!
Here's our first time meeting each other..caught on video (ofcourse) hee hee

may you have a pink carpet day wherever you are....your kandee

PS. I'm still editing my video from this night and I do a "haul of my outifit", sort of!

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