Friday, April 15, 2011


(me waiting to see what's in Hellcats star, Heather Hemmens purse)

 Here's a fun treat!
A What's in My Purse: SPECIAL EVENT STYLE!
Watch for my video of the rest of the interviews and what it's like behind the scenes of a red carpet event! ...can't wait to show you!
(this was me and my big Hello Kitty purse at this red carpet event, where I ask some celebs...what's in your purse! hee hee) 
So whether you're going to a wedding, prom, fancy date night, clubbing with your girls, or you have your own special event, red-carpet night out on the's some ways to get ready and stock up your purse!

BEAUTY EVENT PREPPING: (things you want to do or get before your big event)
-self-tanner (makes you look healthy and always makes you look thinner, especially if going strapless!)
-teeth whitener (give your smile a beauty boost)
-my fav: Dr Scholl's For Her Heels liner (makes every pair of heels, so much more cushy and comfy!)
-cheap at home nails- I love the Nailene nails...they look like more expensive acrylic or gel nails!

Beauty Must Have's for your purse for a big event:
-travel hair spray
-bobby pins
-mints (gum looks awful in photos! ha ha)
-wisps (those mini toothbrushes to freshen your breath)
-travel deoderant (because sleeveless and dancing can mean sweaty pits!)
-mini atomizer with your fav perfume
-lip gloss / lipstick
-powder or blotting tissues
-tiny mirror
-camera or cell phone with camera (to capture all the event)
-some spare change or money for an emergency (tipping valet...anything random that will need cash)

OPTIONAL purse goodies-
-lash glue (to touch up a lash that's coming unglued)
-safety pin (in case something needs tightening or a strap from the dress comes unstitched)

and as I mention in the is my fabulous prom picture...what's funny, is I think I still have the "pearl-like" jewelry! (this picture is so can't even see the awesome, half-up-do I did myself!)
below..this is not prom, but a winter formal dance...
i love the colorful shirt of my "date"...really my favorite part is the giant candy...we were sitting in front of a giant gingerbread house! So funny!
I hope you like this video...hope you have fun peeking inside some actresses purses too!

heavy purses full of goodies and funny old prom pictures, your kandee

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