Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What to say when someone makes fun or tries to steal your heart!

(My sister is on the left, Me (Rapuntzel) is on the right)
Back when I was 16...
I didn't have a lot of friends...
I liked be alone anyway
I always had trouble with the relationships...
I'd let my heart fall fast for guys...and then I'd want to give up my whole world for them!
If I had only known that I should've guarded my heart, so that I never lost myself or lost my heart so much!
Later in life, as I got "older & wiser" (ha ha ha)...I realized what's really attractive is being CONFIDENT in who you are, what you like, and not changing for anyone!
I don't care what people think about how I dress, what my hair looks like, my accessories...I never have! I've always thought, "If i LIKE IT! It doesn't matter if anyone else does!" ha ha ha
Be strong. Be confident. EVEN if you have to fake it! You're fake confidence will one day grow into "real" confidence!
Don't give up who you are, for anyone! God made you the way you are, because that's the best! Like what you like, no matter who says anything to you about it!
You are awesome! Your style is prefect, just how you like it!
Wear what you love, what makes you feel happy and confident.
I have a pair of camo pants that are baggy, and I love them! I feel super confident in them, because they are me! They aren't "sexy" pants at all, they are big and baggy...but you know what is funny?
(these are the pants I'm talkin' about)
I was walking down the street in Hollywood one day, and this guy walked by and said, "you are the sexiest thing I've ever seen!"...ha ha ha, my clothes were NOT sexy at all...I had a bandana on my head, a t-shirt, baggy jeans, and my converse...but I'm guessing my confidence in my style is what was attractive. I was brave, wore what I loved and that it always attractive!
I beat out every skinny girl, walking down the street in their skin tight, cleavage showing shirts, and mini skirts, with my tomboy clothes! ha ha ha
dont' let anyone's mean words get you down, just think everytime they something, it's making you even more CONFIDENT in your look!
I used to tell my son when someone says something about not liking what you're wearing, tell them: "well aren't you glad you don't have to wear it then!" OR "it's a good thing that I wear what I like and not what you like!"

Be CONFIDENT, you are awesome and so it your unique style!
huge love and confidence, kandee


happily ever after said...

everytime you say these wonderful things it reminds me of myself and i know im not alone in how i feel! thanks kandee<3

LaMiezée said...

Oh what a great hair Rapunzel! :)
In german you say:

Rapunzel, Rapunzel lass dein Haar hinunter. :D

I don't know how to say this in english. Maybe Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair? :D

Greets ;) Michelle

Anonymous said...

this truely inspired me! THANK YOU SO MUCH KANDEE!!!!! you are an amzing human being <3 and a great inspiration! =)

Lucian said...

Kandee, you're so inspiring! I'd love to wear a bandana on my head, but I always thought "People will laugh about me", but now I'm sure I'm gonna buy one tomorrow and wear it :)
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Yeyah! Confidence is the sexy that shines through anything!

Alison said...

Well I don't know how you didn't have a ton of friends because you are so friendly and personable. You are beautiful on the inside and out!

Anonymous said...

thank you for being an amazing inspiration! you are such a great person (even though i havent met you...yet lolz) but you are definitely on my list for inspirations =) this blog helped so much =) thanks! <3333

bedouin barbie said...

Hi Kandee! I love your advice and you're my all-time favorite makeup guru on youtube...i learnt A LOT from you!

I saw one of your old videos about keeping your skin clear and healthy and I wanted to ask, do you need to drink the liquid of Cod Liver Oil to get all the benefits or is it the same if I took the capsules?

Please let me know! xxx

Tiff said...

You are my fav little ball of joyful inspiration :O)

Big Hugs,

Tiffany Widdifield

Unknown said...

You just become more amazing everyday. You know that? You help a lot of girls, including myself, want to become more confident and happy in their skin. I remember starting to watch your videos a couple weeks ago and I have been hooked since. I watched previous ones and all the new ones, because I am always intrigued and interested with what you have to say and the looks and tips you have for everyday girls. :)

Thanks for this blog. It makes me want to go out today and just wear my baggy green pants with a black tank with messy hair and say "Funk it!"


Kristin -

Maria said...

Hey Kandee.
I'm from Denmark, and i've been reading your blog for a little over months. I just wanna tell you, that you are the most incredible person I know - eventhough I don't know you in real life. Every time i'm struggeling with something, your name and your beatuful words always comes to mind. Thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being the amazing person that you are. And thank you, for sharing all your love with all of us!

- Maria

Shutterchic said...

I usually don't care what people think of what I wear or do. Except... if my family criticizes me or what I wear. My mom hates that I have never been too girly and that I don't wear the clothes SHE likes. For my first baby's first birthday, I wore some baggy camo pants. Not exactly like yours, but similar. My mom just gave me a look like "what the hell are you wearing?" and my sister said, "ugh, those are SO last year". Made me feel uncomfortable all day; not because of what I was wearing, but because of how they felt about it. Unfortunately, I've become more and more detached and I only see them like 3 times a year. Not because of that specific comment, but because every time we meet up, they find anything to criticize or make me feel bad. Other than my family, I really don't care what people think or say :)

Mofsi said...

Kandee I needed to read this more than ever! Thank you for being you! You are amazing!

xlillizzyx said...

wow .. seriously ... i so needed this right now ..
thank you so much .. your incredible

Unknown said...

Great advice!! it goes perfectly for me, especially cause I sometimes need a boost of self confidence, to help me get over my "I'm so ugly" days. Thank you, Kandee! Lots of hugs!!

xlillizzyx said...

wow .. seriously .. i so needed this atm .. thankyou so much
your incredible xxx

Jenni said...

Thank you for this inspiring post! After reading this, I realized that this is something I tech my sons, but rarely practice myself. You are such a blessing and inspiration. Thank you and have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Kandee u should write a book! soo inspirational!! :)

Rebekah said...

I really needed this one today, Kandee! Thanks for helping.

...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

AWWWW I had LOOOOONG hair when I was Younger too! I LOVED it! Until I cut it! Ha!
Yes, yes! CONFIDENCE is a girls best accessory. We should wear it on our shoulders ALWAYS!

Unknown said...

Kandee you're so right (as usual ha ha). Who cares what people think?? It took me a long time but I finally stopped caring and I couldn't be happier. Lots of love to you. And hey you don't look a day over 16, seriously it doesn't look like you've aged at all!

Unknown said...

Beautifully put!! It's taken me forever to learn. I want to raise my daughter thinking exactly like this. Thanks!!!

CupcakeKiller said...

Oh Kandee! You're awesome, awesome just the way you are :) x

Anonymous said...

Great advice :) You are truly a beautiful soul! Plus, I didn't even know you had a son?! I've been subscribed to your you tube channel forever, and I've never heard you mention him before... craziness :)

fabique said...

Another fabulous post! Exactly why I just HAD to ask your permission to list your blogs on my site (I placed the links on your Facebook page to see if you approve). You're so incredibly popular, hopefully I was able to introduce just one new person (who has been living under a rock, maybe?) to your words and talents ! Thank you thank you thank you! - Jason Dearborn

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your pants... When I saw them in your baking-cupcakes-video I thought to myself: I HAVE to have someone like those.. and I found some - even though they are actually guys' pants I still love wearing them, and I have gotten loads of comments from people saying 'I love your pants..' etc

mermaiddelsol said... could wear a potato sack and still look gorgeous! everyone around here at the power plant...(work with about 800 men) think you are absolutely stunning! thanks for the words of encouragement my ray of sunshine! xoxo ~patty~

Unknown said...

Kandee thank you so much for your beautiful, wonderful bring a smile to my face everytime =)

Xoxo. @--%--

Melissa said...

That's exactly what my Mom used to tell me!! I was always excentric and people called me weird, but my mom told me to wear what I like and that often people tells you mean things because they are jealous of you! And that was true, a lot of people told me afterward that they envy me! lol

. said...

I was thinking... Now you dress like you were 16! :O

I love your look! ;D

One day, I'll be CONFIDENT, like you're now. :)

cocobenz said...

Hey Kandee girl,

This is what I love about you- you are real and honest and you defeat the "mold" the media gives us about "beauty" you are soooo gorgeous. In your own way, not in the "show off your whole body" kinda way but in the "I'm a genuine person, a genuine girl" Kinda way. You rock! By the way, the tomboy look is sexy because it defeats the odds and goes outside the "sexy box" you totally rock it! ;) Love you!!

PS I love the tomboy look too;)

Fatima said...

Thanx for this great advice!! I'll try to be more confident from now on!!! I've got Kandee power!

Raquel Ramírez said...

This is key of living: Be yourself!! =) For that reason you are so special Kandee, because you are unique, you know it and you take the most of it.

Beautiful text, like always.

Joss D´Aismont said...

its curious i feel so related to this post, by the difference i didnt feel confident of mysel before. now i dont think being pretty is wearing heels all the time or sexy clothes or even a great make up, just like you said i have learned, the confindence you show from the inside is what makes you atractive! thanks for your wonderful pictures and thoughts. love ya

uc said...

I am the same way!!!, I wear what I like I even tailor my clothes so that they look nice on me, and I do if FOR ME!!! i DON`T HAVE many friends either but I actually prefer to be by myself, and I like it! =) my mom says "why are you wearing that?" OR "Your wearing that?" It's annoying and hurts, but with your comments and my new found "fake" confidence I will just say 'thanks, mom, yes I am wearing this and I like it a lot! ;)"
I don`t care what people will say about me, I dress to make me happy if I want to change something about me I'll only get advice from people that MATTER.

The Woven Life said...

You're lovely. Sending you lots of love and positive energy. Thank you.

Tina-Bobeena said...

you are so inspiring! thanks for this post!!!!

Christine said...

Thank you so much for this Kandee. Your words are so inspiring.
Its because of you that i feel more confident then what i did before.

I was teased alot when i was younger and i didnt have alot of friends.
It really means the world to me that i get to read and watch your videos.
You make me feel better about myself, so THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

Love you Kandee
xoxo Christine

TaTi said...

lovely words..
you always have something to say!!
and we will always be here reading and thinking how right you are my dear Kandee..
thank you for a truly remarkable text..
if you write a book, I will buy it, and not only for me!
Keep up girl..we <3 u!!!

VLP said...

I wish you were around to tell me this stuff when I was 16. I was so down on myself because the kids at my school, from elementary up to the time I graduated, basically, picked on me, jived on me, talked down to me. I, too, was a longer and nobody liked me. Thankfully, I was imaginative and smart enough to write songs, poetry and short stories and create my own brand of fun as a means of coping with being lonely and to keep my sanity. I look back on my teenage years now with regret, wishing I had done more then, however, I am also very proud of myself for maintaining my sense of self, not giving in to peer pressure (smoking, drinking, sex, drugs) and embracing my "weirdness," as I was called so many times back in the day. I was isolated not only by peers but by extended family, also. They favored my sister over me, and well, that was crappy enough. They still do it to this day, even thougth my sister and I are adults. Anyway, I digress. I applaud you, Kandee, for consistently being YOU and not giving in to the haters and reminding us that we need to love and embrace our uniqueness always!



Livie said...

I just wanted to say that I SO appreciate how you set an example of how to be classy and attractive and sexy without being trashy or sleazy. You exude self-confidence which is always attractive. I know being a mom probably makes you more aware of how you carry yourself, but I appreciate how you wear awesome (and sexy) clothes and still manage to keep modest. I admit to being strangely shocked when watching one of your videos and you went to zoom the camera in and made a comment like "let's see if I can do this without everyone seeing down my shirt - that would not be good."
So many women wouldn't have thought twice about that, or would have done it on purpose thinking that is the way to be attractive.
So anyway, Kudos on being one very classy lady :)

lc88chavez said...

BEST blog post I have ever read!! Very inspiring! thanks! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for this reminder!!! We all need to be who we are because you're right, we're the best, God made us who we are for a reason!!!

Blonde Mafia said...

I have always had that attitude about wearing what I want and saying "I like it so it doesnt matter". People always tell me they like what I wear but they couldnt pull it off. I always say its just a matter of having confidence and being comfortable in what you wear. Your amazing Kandee. Thank You for your blog. Your words ALWAYS help me no matter the day Im having.
Id love to meet you.

Bama Girl

KaritoGlam said...

I also have a pair of big and baggy camo pants XD and I LOVE them!

I've always had confidence with what I wear and I feel I'm unique in my style... I'd love to be more pin-up style tho haha But it's kinda hard to find clothes and stuff here.

But you're right bout changing for others... I guess we all get confused or just dunno how things go the first time we try it. I gave up many things and change a lot of who I am in a relationship, it ended mainly cause I got unhappy and couldn't recognize 'myself' anymore. It was hard and very sad to end it, but a few months later, after the tears were gone and the sunshine rise up, I'm happier and wiser now!

Thank you, Kandee.
Keep encouraging young souls and hearts.

Laura said...

this is so good for me to hear, because i struggle with comments from important people that i don't match, or that piece of clothing just does not "go" with another. i like my style even if its not prim and proper and perfect. so thanks for reminding me to be me.
i'm so happy that you write blog posts so often! they are always there for me in the evening when i need to read a pick-me-up! i love you kandee! even though i've never met you (and probably never will!) i feel like you are my big sister that i never had!

Unknown said...

You make my heart soar Kandee girl! You are so beautiful inside & out! <3


Hi Kandee. You are absolutely right! I recognize what you say so much. I used to give up my whole world for a guy and I did everything, so I was the perfect girl (i just wanted to be accepted and loved), but it messed me up, big time! I have learned in the hard way, but now for years and years I'm a very strong woman (I worked really hard to be who I am today). I'm who I am. I dress what I like. I say the things I want to say and I wake up every morning with a smile. I used to be very depressive, each day. I never want to go back in the past, i would really not survive it. That's why I love you so much Kandee. You help so many hurted hearts in this world. God bless you. Love 4 ever from me Loyoya.

Nihbi Malet Iyu said...

This post I can relate to because I'm only 21 but throughout my life especially high school I didn't have a lot of friends but I was content just being by myself. I find it easier to just be single and not have so many friends to have to divide "hang out" time. My first boyfriend was when I was 14 and ever since then I've "always" been in a relationship but there were those months that I was single and i enjoyed them much more than being in the relationship because there wasn't so much stress and all I had to do was please myself and I was my own boss, I didn't answer to anyone. I've just came to the realization this past year that I don't need a man to make me happy, I don't care what others think about my fashion or hobbies, I wanna settle down someday just not now and for a while. You are an inspiration to me Kandee Johnson :) Thank you SO much!!!! P.S. I'm glad you don't cuss and your fashion isn't so revealing. I admire that in you :)

Unknown said...

i wish i was strong like you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!
This is the inspiration of my morning.
I'm really glad you shared this with us.
Eversince forever, it's almost as if I've been trying to find my identity within the clothes I wear.. but I guess it's the person who makes the clothes right?
Anyway, your stuff is really touching :)

Naiyana said...

Beautiful, Talented and inspiring!
What a nice combination! :)
THank you for uplifting my did not start out so well.

Unknown said...

Kandee, you're such an inspiration. I first watched your Edward Scissorhands video and fell in love with make-up. Thank you so much for helping me start my dream. You are so beautiful and you have a matching personality. Thank you for being a great role model to this fifteen year old. :)

Love, Amber. :)

Unknown said...

you're right about confidence. not only it makes your life easier but other people tend to notice if you're not confident and make your life even more miserable.
funny story: when i was happy with myself (in 2004 when i fell very madly in love), people could see it on my face. so one day, i was walking down the street, dressed in baggy trousers, weird shirt and sneakers, and a cab driver stopped by, got out of the car and picked up a rose in a nearby garden and gave it to me!!! nothing similar ever happened to me before or after that! but i guess at that point my positive energy was so obvious for other people. wish i haven't lost it!!!

C said...

kandee thanks for being such an inspiration!! its nice to get that kind of advice from someone besides my mom lol somehow, it seems more legit from other!
hope your leg is getting better

Unknown said...

Wow, I have been going through all your old videos on youtube for the past couple days and its really inspired me to keep working on make up stuff even though I was a total tom boy until the last couple years, and I get frustrated really easily because I'm trying to figure out things most girls know how to do by high school. I was so shocked when I checked your youtube for recent videos and saw you had been in an accident. I sendd nothing but the best of thoughts your way that might make a quick recovery! If my financial situation were more stable I would be seeing you at your glaminar, but as it is I must hold out hope that this is not the last one.
Anyway, I found this morning post about being yourself very invigorating (thats not the right word but I can't remember the word I want). It really brought me back to my core beliefs. I have been so caught up in wanting what everyone else has I totally lost sight of what really makes me happy. So I just want to say thank you so much for being who you are and sharing your happiness with us! I wish a speedy recovery and that you only get more reasons to smile in the future!
(I hope this is readable, my phone is horrid for typing but I just couldn't wait to get to a computer.)

Keep kicking ass! Your awesome.

Caro said...

Hi Kandee,

well I can only say:"I LIKE IT TOO"


you're the greatest!!
thank you for everything

littletiger06 said...

Hi Kandee,
Love your blog. Keep up all the good work and I hope that your leg is feeling alot better then it was!

I thought I would just let you know., that I spotted you on this website!! Thought you might like to know.: :-) I wonder if they got permission?

Unknown said...


i find it hard to be confident because of my size..
im trying to lose weight so i can boost my confidents.
I love your style ! "the Kandee style" its so fun! and i love how you put everything together!!
keep it up coz girl you look GREAT!!

love you Kandee!
take care !
love Ashleigh lilley
From New zealand

Unknown said...

Great advice. You're such a huge inspiration. You remind me a lot of my mentor, Victoria Duke at Academy of Glam. She's been through a lot but exudes confidence which is something I lack. I'm learning slowly from her. To love myself just the way I am and to have confidence in my work. Thank you!

lovebug18181 said...

Love your outlook on different situations. You are very optimistic which is great. What is your "medicine" to ward off pessimistic thoughts? What do you do to fight them off? I am very pessimistic when it comes to myself however when it comes to other I am more optimistic. Anyway I am very much like you a loner yet it doesnt bother me. I would rather be alone than in bad company. I also have a very unique sense of style and not too girly at all. I LOVE CAMO PANTS! Where did you get your camo pants? I LOVE THEM! Anyway keep up what you are doing girl. YOU ROCK!

Jess said...

Aww thanks so much for posting this Kandee!! It definitely warmed my heart :) You brightened my day!

HollyGoLightly said...

Hi Kandee! I love that photo of you in the elevator. Do you remember what kind of lipstick you were wearing in the photot. Or can you recommend a good nude lipstick that does make me look like i'm dead! lol thanx
Love you SOOOOO Much!


HollyGoLightly said...

Hi Kandee!
You look so awesome in that pic of you in the elevator. Your style is so inspiring. I love your lipstick in the pic too. Can you recommend a good nude lipstick that doesn't make me look dead?! thanks
Love you SOOOO Much


Reidun Belle said...

I love your pants:D have two that looks like it^^,
Not to brag.. but my style is twisted.. pin-up *slesh*/ hip hop-rock..
There is many things that we can wear and make it beautiful..
I have never understood the meaning of showing of the tits or half of the ass to every fucking person in the world..
The body is special.. and I dont belive we should show it to every fucking asshole in the world.. but what do I know right?....
U cant give everything to the guys!! They have an awesome magination so I dont see the problem in letting them use it;D

AmyC said...

You are so right!! If you have confidence in who you are and what you like others will notice it. Thanks yet again Kandee for your inspiring words you're the best xxxx

Stefie said...

Damn Right Kandee! I think you have an amazing personality that just bubbles through, how anyone could be hurtful is pathetic. I found a link to your blog through youtube I was thinking of joining a beauty school, I think you have some of the best tuts and blogs that I have seen yet, so keep it up. Haters can't stop the real things!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this. It's exactly how I feel. Despite being a fashion student and been surround by girls with the latest Louis Vuitton bag and sporting a St. Tropez tan, I have always stuck to the clothes I like and feel comfortable.

After watching your videos over the past year Kandee, I feel I have so much more confidence in who I am and the way I look. So i'd like to thank you for that :)

You are great. My favourite YouTube guru by far :) xoxo

Lauren said...

every time i read your blogposts, it really sets my heart at ease to know i'm not alone!
i didn't have very many friends in high school at all. it never really bothered me, and i always wondered why some people had such an issue with it.
now, i'm better than ever. and i love everything about who i am. and your words echo exactly how i feel =]

Stephanie said...

So now we know you were always beautiful!

Mar said...

I just want to hug you! :D You're wonderful Kandee. I think I'll be a little more confident today because of you, thanks.

Chiharu 千春 said...

you look so good in those camo pants Kandee, its because you are so pretty! :)

Kandee, your words lift my spirits up, thank youuu! ^-^

NOVA said...

Love it!!!

Sulekleiv said...

I think one could wear the most sexy outfit, but without the right kind confidence the outfit does nothing on it's own. People makes the outfit. Confidence makes it.

Over all I think it's about finding the qualities one likes about them self and putting those qualities forward. Learning to love yourself. Appreciate who you are and what you got. Finding an unique style in both clothing and personality. Be confident and proud about who you are. Look in the mirror and say "I'm the best person I possibly could be. I look amazing and everyday is another day of showing of what an truly inspiring and talented person I am both on the inside and the outside." This deserves to be said everyday.

Unknown said...

Where did you get your phone cover??

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