Thursday, June 24, 2010


LOCATION OF TYPING: a bed at a Holiday Inn (with the fashion tv channel on)
WHY: Last night roadtripping to the Glaminar with my mom I couldn't stay awake at 2:30am and drive anymore

.....oh little did I know the inspiration and revelation God hit me with while I sat at my little table with my food in front of me!

I first scooped up on my little plate what was left over from the breakfast...
some potatoes that were so dry they almost choked you
a "round wheel" of cinnamon french toast
as I sat there choking on my potatoes I spotted cereal hiding under a tablecloth
My one bit of advice echoed in my head: "ALWAYS ASK!!!!"
I asked if I could have some cereal....."yes!"

As I first went to grab what sounded good - FROSTED FLAKES
I saw my mom grab the healthy choice of KASHI's Heart to Heart cereal...
I decided to put my "sugar flakes" back and go for the HEALTHY choice!

And as I sat there crunching my cereal I thought:

This is like life...
If we follow what just sounds good to our desires....I want to  scream at that person because they made me mad, my life feels out of control and maybe if I cut myself I will feel a different pain, maybe I'll just eat McDonald's or have another piece of pizza, maybe I'll just sacrifice me my likes, in order to be loved from someone....

EVERYTIME we make a good may not feel great at the time, or like what we really want to do...but the GREAT CHOICES ALWAYS HAVE GREAT RESULTS....
the poor choices ALWAYS have NEGATIVE RESULTS!

What is the result of me doing this? Is it gonna feel good right now, or will it feel better later?
I may want to be loved and I'm lonely, so I start dating someone that fills that void, but they are not the best for us, they may hurt us be mean to us, but we don't want to leave them because we are scared or afraid of feeling sad.

RESULT: you stay in a relationship that is full of hurt, and eventually they will cheat on you or leave you, because they are not true "keepers of your heart", or you will stay in a horrible cycle of hurt or maybe even abuse

Every time I've made a choice that was hard, BUT I knew the right thing to was ALWAYS worth it in the end!
I decided I wanted to be a make-up artist....I worked hard, and  worked even harder...I didnt' buy myself any new clothes or shoes for a year, so I could save money to move back to LA.
Did I want new clothes? yeah! Did  I want my dream even more! YESSSS!

I decided I wasn't going to eat 3 bowls of cereal each night before I went to bed. (PLEASE NOTE: this post is NOT about eating healthy things! ha ha ha It's about wise LIFE choices) WHY? I was working out and getting in shape.
I ran and did Tae Bo videos every day. And at night I'd look at my cereal and think: Yes I want you, but I don't want the effect you're having on my body! Packing on an extra 700 calories from my 3 bowls of cereal!
THE RESULT: I got in the best shape of my life. People asked me everywhere what I did to work out. I packed food with me, I ate all day long, but healthy things: celery, whole wheat pretzels, fruit, sandwiches I made myself, whole wheat bread & turkey with spinach and cheese, Puffins cereal from a baggy, and bananas....
my body was a food furnace!
And when someone would pop up with trays of brownies and cakes (which they did every day in beauty school)....
I was like, NO WAY...I work way to hard to look like this, to let a 1 minute of me tasting that to ruin it! I remember what a brownie tastes like...I'll just think about it, then go eat my crunchy sweet apple!
(yes it's okay to indulge in yummy things, this is just an example of choices we can make and how they effect all know my love for cupcakes!)

My choices were hard...but I made the right one, and the pay off was worth it!

CHOOSE WISELY my sweet things! Choose love wisely, protect that precious heart of yours, don't let it get hurt by someone careless! Don't choose what seems good immediately, choose what will be good for you now AND in the future!!!

huge love and a healthy cereal box later...and I feel better about my cereal too!!!
xoxoxo kandee

You're more beautiful than you know,
more talented than you think,
and more loved than you can imagine!


...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

I think as far as eating its ok to eat a burger or have some ice cream here and there. I believe we can eat anything we want but in moderation.None the less is good to have the healthier choice in mind first.

Michael said...

this is just too adorable! reason #6978403 why I love you =0p

Jackie said...

"You're more beautiful than you know,
more talented than you think,
and more loved than you can imagine!"

Just went up on my favorite quotes section of facebook :)

Ariel said...

Kandee your wayyyyyy amazing. I am such a lover of food it's really hard to make the healthy choices.

VLP said...

You are so right, Kandee. Those hard choices we make are the ones that can prove to ultimately be the best ones for us in the long run.

I have lost 22 pounds from where I was last year, and I have so much more weight to lose to get to where I comfortably wish to be. Has it been hard? YEAH! Will it ever get easier? NO! After working a 10-hour day yesterday, I made myself do a Walk Away The Pounds 1-mile workout plus 160 ab crunches. This morning, I did a 30-minute Tae-Bo work out and 160 more abdominal crunches on my exercise ball.

It's hard, but I CHOSE TO DO THOSE THINGS because the rewards I will reap are worth it! It's hard, but I know I'm much healthier this year than I was last year! I'm on my way by making BETTER CHOICES for ME!

P.S. I love Heart to Heart cereal! It's one of my favs!

P.P.S. Billy Blanks kicks boo-tay! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're wise Kandee : we KNOW the good choices for us and we have to follow our instinct. In the past, I let others make the choices for me but now, I know what I want and what is good for me even if it's a little more difficult to obtain.
Thank you for your messages full of wisdom and love. Big hug :)

Renee said...

Ah..I needed to hear this today Kandee. Thank you. You are such a blessing. Who would have ever thought that me watching that one pin up style make-up video from this girl so many months ago could end up being soooo much more. XOXO

ivette said...

wow everytime i feel something or thinking you always seem to know and truly say what im feeling about choices the good and bad especially at the end its as if you spoke to me thank you for always being the angel you are your helping me through things and its a liitle relief to me for my soul to see and know someone is going through the same thing but you just always write the stories of my life im doing something right now but idk if maybe its because im going through old feelings and their just poping up or if maybe somethings about to happen andim not sure how everything is going to turn out or if or why im having these feelings i need to see and pay attention to god i know hes here and listening he has but i just dont understand why now these feelings are here and why things been on my mind

Anonymous said...

even though it shouldn't be my heart is still with you and yea its agonizing, you say choose wisely but what does that mean if i compare them to you? im sorry 4 this

Muffy said...


Words of wisdom. Absaloutely amazing.

stacy said...

All my life people thought I was fake because I love to walk around with a smile and I always look at the glass half full. You r proof I am not fake just different and in my own world and I am glad I found someone similar

Naiyana said...

Choices, choices, it's amazing how many we are confronted with on a daily basis, and yes! You are totally right. The choices we make today affect us tomorrow, and 2 minutes (or 5 or 10) of "pleasure" are not worth the lifetime consequences, especially if we do it to please others…
I have been following you for a while; I have to say that I admire you, your wisdom and how funny you can be! Thank you for making the right choices Kandee, now we can all benefit by your good humor, wisdom and charming self!
Nibbles and Love,

Anonymous said...

sooo time to chose smart what to eat he he well you are right :) i am also saving money to move to another city/country and I know one day my dream will come true :) thanks for this note, I feel now more ambitious and restored to value thanks to you !

Unknown said...

AHH how u talk about exactly wat i need to hear every time is beyond me!! but thanxxxx u're awesome! but i'm not giving up my cocoa puffs :P

Crystal Jade said...

Wow! You have no idea what a gift from God, I believe, this blog is to me! I've been so very down for about a year and a half and this has helped. I may not be going to a glaminar (yet) but you're helping me still. :^]
Thank you,angel!

Scrapy Lucy said...

hy kandee, i love your blog u have inspired and encouraged me so much that i even started my own blog, couse i love to create things!!! :)
your tips are so good:)
Wish u great day!


Kara said...

Just about healthy food - I've worked hard each day on my body to stay in shape since 4 years and i love the results. My friends used to laugh at me "You don't eat after 6 pm?!", "You do your workouts everyday? Ohhh..." but I didn't care. What is funny about it, later on they started saying something like "Oh, i wish i worked on my body just like you do, i need to exercise each day.." I made a good choice and i was right! :)

K x

DLS Makeup said...

Hi Kandee,

Today was a really hard day for me as I had to make a choice that hurts really, really badly right now but i know that in the long run, it is the best decision to make. Thank you for this blog entry:) It's just what I needed.

Anonymous said...

you are a great role model Kandee!
Thank You for your advice and I love how you are always happy! I see God in you and it is so great! :D Hope the rest of your road trip goes well!

ritaoliv said...

Hi, Kandee! I've been following you from Youtube and I just wanted to say that you're awesome! You're not trying to guess stuff, you really know what you're talking about.
Btw, I saw some awful comments on Youtube about you. Well, you're gorgeous with and without makeup (we've all seen that), and maybe that's why you've got some haters... heheh!
Keep up the good work! :)
Rita from Portugal

selenity luz said...

Thank you for existing, Kandee!!

Anonymous said...

Kandee I love how you are sooo insightful about things. This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you!!!

Lupita :) said...

hey Kandee (: ive been starting to do the same thing since yesterday (: i wana be happy like you are .. and i know i can do it because i have an awesome motivation... YOU! ... thank u so much for this! i love yu Kandee!

A.O.C said...

You have won paradise with such kindness and affection!!! GOD BLESS U!!! KANDEE = ANGEL jiji LOVE U

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to share a mini story with you that's happened to me today. This past Xmas, my friend that I considered my non-blood sister I never had, started secretly dating the guy I at one time considered moving for. Fast forward to today: I received a multi-page note from him hoping we could still be friends; that he had a hole where our friendship used to be and hoped I would respond. I still haven't heard a single peep from her, but all day long my dad has told me that there is NO BENEFIT in life to having enemies. So just like you're saying, I'm trying so hard to choose to do the *better* life choice and encourage positivity, in myself and others. But thank you for reminding us all that's what we should do every single day! Your light is so great, Kandee! Many thoughts to your sore leg. And surely your smile muscles have to be sore from so much use, too! :-D

Heidi said...

So encouragng.

Mme. Baete said...

Right ON!!! What you say makes perfect sense - and might just be the little kick in the pants I need to make some better choices (in terms of Le Food).
Thanks for everything, youza my guru;)
Hugs from Leduc, Alberta CANADA!

Carla said...

you are such a beautiful person. Not just on the outside, but the inside too. Who knew that on night i stumbled across your videos on Youtube and my life has changed. May God bless you and your family!! have a great day!!

Nicolep057 said...

Ya gotta love how God can use cereal to impact your life, ha ha!

Unknown said...

i have a question and i need your help if you could email me please
thank you :)

Kala said...

I needed to hear this advice... now if only I could follow it. I love your Godly wisdom! It's my favorite thing about you <3

Navibug said...

I could not thank you enough for
this right now...I have been
stuck in a non-existent relation-
ship with someone whose heart I
had protected and loved more than
anyone in the world. He did not
and still does not protect mine,
and I stay in this situation
because it's more comfortable and
easier to remain this way.

I hope to begin to move out again,
(can't tell you how many times!)
and try and do what is uncomfortab
-le and painful now, so that I
will be happier in the future.

I've also sought comfort in food
and drink in the past, and am
trying to get out of this cycle

Thank you so much for everything
you and your family are. You
deserve to have your heart protect
-ed and it is, in God...I've been
worried that your relationship
had dissolved, and if it has I'm
so sorry, because you deserve the
sweetest, most loving man in the
world to be with you!! It hurts me
if you're hurting too, and we've
never even met...

I hope that I will find the cour-
age I need to do this, and I hope
you still have faith, that a male
heart is as big as yours to share
your life with.

God bless you and your family xxx

Navibug said...

Note: This blog reminds me of that
song by Delta Goodrem...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post! You are always such an inspiration! I absolutely love reading this blog. :) I like this post in particular because I've been struggling with making better choices about food lately, and this post definitely helps. Thank you so much!

Dilly Dally said...

Hahahah! I loved my Taebo videos! They really work if you stick with it!

Unknown said...


Kandee's an inspiration and she totally deserves all our nice words.

Jenn said...

I absolutely love the "P.S." on here. You're beautiful and an amazing person to post such amazing advice to everyone else out there <3

S said...

Love your blog! I've been reading it off and on for a couple months. Had to share that this entry was one of many things that the Lord has been using to help me get on the right path. Lately I've been having heart problems due to lack of exercise and eating too much sugar and caffeine. Also stressing out over negative world events. Will be going to a doctor soon and in the meantime the Lord has been telling me over and again to "guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life" and also to exercise. The other night I was reading Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind and picked up where I'd left off over a year ago. Lo and behold in the section where I'd left off Joyce was talking about exercise and it's importance for health. Then today deciding to see what's new and reading thing post. It's just another kind reminder from the Lord to get in shape and eat well because my health,spiritual and physical, depends on it. Be blessed my sister! Your blog really is,and you, being used to help so many people!

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