Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm so EXCITED!!!!

We have just 2 days until GLAMINAR day on sunday! I am soooo excited to get to meet everyone, inspire your hearts, fill you will love, hope, knowledge, and everything you need to make your dreams happen! Yes, it's about make-up...but so, so, soooo much more! There are things in store that we've never had at any Glaminar before, and probably won't be able to do again! ha ha ha

This is our 1 year "glam-a-versary" of the Glaminars! So this one's gonne be good!
I am so honored, that the girls that started the Kandee's Glaminar Scholarship Winners page, started a discussion about an "AH-HA" moment they had from me....and my heart was just sooooo excited to see that not one comment was about MAKE-UP!!!! It was about their hearts! Make-up is fun, but to touch someone's heart is something that no price can be put upon, no words can describe! I have to say, they love that the girls on that page show each other is awesome!!! I am so proud to see me "lil' kandee family" loving each other and spreading their joy and encouragement with each other!

OH YES! I will be at IMATS on saturday!
I'm having a meet up at IMATS- SATURDAY at the URBAN DECAY BOOTH at NOON! booth # 328

PLEASE, please if you see me, don't be scared to say hi! I'd love to say hi, hug you...and if you want to take a picture with me....i'm not scared either! ha ha ha

I can't wait to see you all there!!! My secret....go early before they sell out of everything! If you go in the afternoon, or late in the day, they sell out of everything!

oh yes, here's a little video I made explaining it all! I made it after working on the computer for a couple hours and I was trying to go to sleep but then I forgot.."Oh NO!!! I forgot to make my imats, meet up video!" here's what 1 am looks like with me! ha ha ha ha

Don't give anyone the power to ruin your day today! This day is yours, God gave it to you to be wonderful...enjoy this gift day of life. Smile at a couple extra people! And I love ya!
I care about your hearts...and I am sending you a huge FRIDAY hug!!!
xoxo kandee


Kate said...

Hey Kandee!
When are you doing a Glaminar in the UK?! You must come to London!

Kat x Click&Make-Up!

Christine said...

I really really really wish i could go. This is going to be so amazing, and you get to meet so many amazing people <3
Maybe i get to go to one of your glaminars one day :)

The gift bags sounds so amazing, really wish i could have a Urban Decay gift bag.
I only own a few things from that brand and the things i got is amazing. Really hope i get to try more someday :)

I hope your day is going fantastic Kandee, Love you <3

Xoxo Christine

Trishica said...

I love makeup and really can't wait to start my career.. but truly it's so much more then that! I feel so blessed to be a small part of your Kandee family. I hope to be a positive, beautiful, inspirational light in peoples lifes like you have been in mine! Can't wait to meet you. I'm coming to the booth tomorrow because sun is so far away. haha lol. Thanks again for being you and all the wondeful things you have planned for us. ;0)(I'll be the blonde that will be bouncing around you)lol I have so much excited energy

Christine said...

I made a fan page on twitter, please add me as your friend :)


Loveee you <3
xoxo Christine

Julie P. said...

awwww I wish I was in LA right now. I'd love and die to attend IMATS and your GLAMINAR. Hope you have a fabulous time KANDEE! you ROCK!!! <3

Miss Dress Up said...

I hope you have SO much fun and that your leg does well and that you get back the encouragement and love and happiness that you give to each of us all the time. I wish I could be there to meet you but....I'm a mommy of a special needs child and can't get out there right now. One day! God bless, have fun!

Naiyana said...

How Wounderful!!! I will definitively try to find you! and take pictures and get a hug and and...LOL.

Caro said...

hi Kandee

or come to holland!!!

we love you here too!!

have a great day.
We go tomorrow to the beach with our beach-makeup look on.

lots of love

Golden Glow said...

I agree with the comment above, you should definately visit the UK we all love you over here too!


Unknown said...

Thanks for your post, you have an awesome Blog!
Check out links to excellent articles and bestsellers:
I hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're gonna have tons of fun at the glaminar.I wish I could be there.
Have a wonderful time.
Hope you're doing good,

kisses from germany

Jesi said...

I wish i was going! I just graduated from skin care school and really need and would love to learn from you. You have already been such an inspiration and motivator. I love your style and techniques. Maybe someday...

Unknown said...

Kandee, I need your help. I did a color stripper on my hair and it left it completely damaged. PLEASE when you have time post a video about your tips on moisturizing hair and conditioning. i'd LOVE if it was methods that i could do at home, possibly for free. THANKYOU PRETTY GIRL! you're a HUGE blessing in my life <3

Natasha said...

Awesome Kandee! I bet it's going to be so much fun I live in Canada.. so we don't get too many exciting things around where I live.. maybe I'll visit sometime!

Have a great day!

Rosie said...

Hi Kandee,

It is such a big inspiration to have a professional MUA like you to share your tricks, and dedicate your heart to the online world!!

I would like to ask, have you ever considered to have an online Webinar for the Glaminar session? Meaning that you'll have all of those tricks and class session online for users that would like to learn and pay. Moreover, it's more than just money (which everyone need to survive.) Thus, it means that you can be their personal mentor to keep their discouraging days away, and be the best MUA in their desired area.

Please let me know if this could happen in the future, since I will be the first one to register because Pasadena is way too far from my current city.


Anonymous said...

as you say God gave us the gift day of life, I think that God gave us you to refresh our hearts ! I enjoy this gift he he ;) i know that you hear many good words from many people, everyone is commenting what you post and everyone is saying "you are cute, i love you bla bla bla..." and if I write something like that it will not be a surprise for you, you ve got 75000 funs on facebook, so I am not the only one .. and I dont't stand out, but I want to say, I have had in my life the bad situation like you, I was threatened, humiliated by someone who I loved beyond the words etc.. it really hurt me, I didn't know what to do, i was hopeless, crying all day and night, I couldn't find help, nobody cares, I was opening my heart to people, and then they were hurting me. I didn't wan to live. And then I found your blog. Listening to you and reading your words were making me cry, because everything was so similar to me, that I can't believe. And then I saw that you can handle this, you smile everyday, you are happy, and I started to believe in your words. I found out that I am not the only one, and everytime when I am sad, I just turn on the computer and watch your videos and blog. it makes me smile ! thank you for being, you are so precious

HeavyMetalChic said...

Oh Kandee! PLLEAAEESSSE have a Glaminar in the California Bay Area!! Oh Please, please, please!! :)

Anonymous said...

soooo jealous and i LOOOOVE makeupforever! :)

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