Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love Sharing

Sometimes the greatest thing we can scratch that...THE greatest thing we can do is to share love...
I love make-up and fun things like shopping, getting all dolled up...but greater than all that...more important to my not becoming famous for doing make-up, my dream is not to become the most well known make-up artist, it isn't to work on celebrities...(I've already done that for years now!)

WHAT MEANS the MOST to me? When I hear that people have been more touched by something I've said or blogged about. Our beauty on the outside is fun to decorate, but I want to decorate hearts, share my love, share my happiness, share my sadness...and how in the middle of my sadness, my heart grew strong!
Today I got to go surprise, Kimberlee, for her birthday, at the stables where she rides her horse. Her mom had arranged it all! She cried when she saw me and I hugged her! To feel love and impact I had on her heart....made me want to cry too!
I had such a fun afternoon with her whole family, and to hear how I had been able to encourage her heart through some hard what truly is the desire of my heart! She had hope and joy, and was inspired...she didn't just learn how to put eyeliner on...make-up comes and goes, but your heart is there trying so hard to beat with happiness everyday!
(thanks kimee, hayley, stephanie, and donna, I had a wonderful day! Especially since I hadn't been on a horse since I was about 13!)

Then, I heard a sweet voice ask from behind, "ARE YOU KANDEE JOHNSON?"....
I got to meet Cami...
who was so adorable I just wanted to hug her and tell her how cute and precious she was! To hear these girls say how my blog has encouraged them (and all of you reading this!)...means more to me than anything! I'd stay up all night typing, to know that I am sharing love and happiness and watering the gardens of your hearts!

I just want to say thank you, to all of you who come up to me and tell me, or write me comments (and I do read them all!)...thank you, for letting me be part of your day, your life, and your heart!

I am honored beyond words! I love you all, and there are no words, at all to describe what my heart feels to be able to inspire and love you! Thank you for letting in to your are in all in mine...and please, if you ever see me..come up and say hi, and let me hug you!

you're more beautiful than you know,
more talented than you think,
and more LOVED than you can IMAGINE!!!

huge love from my heart to yours, your friend, kandee


Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee! I just stubbled on your blog today and I just wanted to say it's awesome & heaps encouraging. ^^ You're so positive and brave. ^^ thanks! :)

Hannah said...

Your truly are an ispiration Kandee :hearts;
Thankyooh :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee

I just wanted to say how great I think your mum is because she has raised both you and your sister (who's blog I read too!) as such generous, giving and loving people.

Your blogs put a little joy in to my day every day.


perfectionishuman said...

aww that's way cute :)

Christine said...

Thank you for being you <3
Love reading your blog, you always put a smile on my face <3

I am so happy to be a little part of your life. The Kandee family is amazing :)

xoxo Christine

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank You, Kandee, for sharing Your life with us! You're an amazing person whose words touch everyone's hearts and souls!
Girl, You ROCK! :)
Have an awesome weekend!

Shelby Renae said...

You're as sweet as sugar, Kandee! Kimberlee must have been so excited to see you! I would love, love, love to meet you one day, but I'm many states away from Cali. Maybe one day. :) I would be more excited getting a hug from you than any other celebrity. You're such an encourager and I thank you for opening up your heart and soul to people you've never met. Huge love right back! xoxo

jiji said...

hi kandee ..
i just want u to know that u'v reached allot of ppl and inspired more girls than u know ... im one of the ppl who dont comment allot ,but u sure inspired me in allot of different ways , i'v been through allot in those last few years of my life , i forgot how much i use to love makeup and how looking beautiful lifts up ur spirit and make u feel good (specially after having my beautiful baby boy, and how my body and life changed) ...i even did the zebra nails ;p which all my friends loved and asked me how i did it ...
i really wish u all the best...
ur one of my favorite ppl now :)

hugs and kisses from saudi arabia all the way to u ..
i hope one day i'll get the chance to meet u ...

keep up the good work .

mallory fitzgerald said...

Kandee you have been such an inspiration to me! You showed me how to realize my dream! Please check out my facebook page, I would love it if you'd become a fan!

<3 Mallory

fashionable_maiden said...

I am sure, that you are amazing person. I love your job! Keep going :)

jiji said...

oh btw , i have a few questions , so i was wondering where should i send them ? should i write them as comments or is there a specific place where i can post all my questions ? or an e.mail that i can send them to ...

Kara said...

I wish the world was more Kandee-like...

Thank you for being there for us.

Anonymous said...

Kandee, you are such an inspiration! I was browsing around on youtube the other day when I came across your channel, and I instantly fell in love! Consequently, I went here to your blog and found so much inspiration and motivation. I completely admire you! After reading your entry about making healthy choices, I found the strength and energy to run 6 miles! Thank you so much for the inspiring and beautiful blog posts, as well and your talented videos. I wish you the best in your life and career and look forward to finding more motivation in your blog. You're a beautiful person on the inside and out and aspire to be as kind-hearted as you.

Unknown said...

Dear Kandee,
I'm hoping every morning to read something new from you! I start my day better that way:)!!! You always write things at the right time, to help me, us!?! Thank you for the hope, joy, and happines that you bring in my life and to many other people! You are a sunshine!!! Love u, big hug from switzerland

Fatima said...

Loved your make up in IMATS video, can you please do that as a tutorial? Thanks!

Alessandra said...

Kandee you are an angel!! I wish you lots of fun at IMATS and at your GLAMINAR!
1 million hugs to you and thank you for always being there for us..

Unknown said...

Kandee you have such a beautiful soul...i wish i could meet you in person, but i live all the way up in Canada! =( You inspire me everyday that i read your is just so hard to believe that you can be more beautiful on the inside than you look on the outside! I wish you every success and happiness in life.

stephanielynn said...

Before blogger I had been going through a really rough time trying to figure out what I loved. My brother had ale ays told me, follow your heart, it will never guide you to the weong path.. Your passion is what is most important. And all the time when He would tell me that I never truly thought hard about it... I knew I loved being an artist, but what to make out of it was what I had been struggling with. Then one day I came across your videos on YouTube.. Now I have always loved doing makeup on my friends I do all my friends makeup for proms and all that stuff. But whenever the thought of going into makeup as a career popped into my brain I just brushed it away, your videos and blog have truly inspired me to follow my heart like my brother always tells me, and to fulfill my dreams someday hopefully. You are such an amazing person, you are what the world needs more of.
Thank you
With love,

cupcakeblonde said...

You were absolutely glowing today! Loved seeing your smiling face, and although you were swamped and I mean SWAMPED with fans, you took time to say hi to everyone (including me: ) and you have a way of making every single one of us feel special...thank you for such a great and sweet appearance at the show...see you tomorrow at class and I cannot wait!!!!XOXOXOXOto

Bee said...

Awww Kandee!! I love your posts. You really make a difference in our lives. I read your blog everyday, and when I'm feeling down, your blog is the first I go to. Thank you. I wish I could hug you!!! Much love and blessings,

Brenda from Miami =)

peacegirl said...

Kandee you are amazing! I can't believe I actually got to meet you. And that I am on your blog!!!! ahh! This is crazy. You are so nice in person and in all your videos!
Thank you so much for talking to me, it means so much. ILY! --cami

Kelly said...

would you please check out my blog
thanks xx

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have so much strong that you have to handle everything. I am wondering how do you do that you are always so nice, cute, you help many people, you helped me in a way, reading yours words is making me feel better, that beside these cruel world there are some people who are worth living for. And I want you to know that I love yours inside, you are very beautiful and adorable but in the inside you are even more precious ! hope that I have so many strength as you !

Beth said...

Hi Kandee,
I love your blog. It encourages me everyday, and really does make my heart beautiful! :) I love all your tips and tricks on makeup and your other posts which are so needed and share so much love and care, for people you've never meet. It really is amazing! Thank Kandee, for helping me!
Your post was about Sharing Love; my blog is about sharing Hope. I would be soooo honoured if you had a look a gave me your thoughts.
Thank You so much again!
God Bless

*Kozziosko* said...

how amazing, what a generous and kind person you are. Thank you sp much for sharing with us everyday and spreading the love :)

laura_elena said...

So this is how it started...i was bored looking at videos on youtube. Then I watched CUTE AND EASY HAIR UPDOS by kandee johnson. Then i watched the one video where you talked about healthy skin and cod liver oil. That was my first FAV. then that was it...i was hooked on watching your videos. haha i thought wow shes preetty and luved the personality and energy. i have learned alot of makeup things i didnt awesome.
But yes you have inspired me through your stories, videos and everything. I admire you tremenously for starting your own business on the very thing you luv to do(makeup);and you have been very sucessful at that. But more than that I ADMIRE and RESPECT you for the person that you are, the decisions you've made along the way, and to have such a loving heart for other people. Even when sometimes its not easy to open yourself up to the unending criticism of other people, but you keep going and spreading your love. Its a gift from GOD, he uses people like you to do his will. And I pray he uses me in the same way also.
i would go to one of your glaminars just to have fun, even though i dont really want to be a makeup artist.
sincerely with much luv for ya!!
laura elena shook <3

EmilyGraceBridger said...

Kandee.. you really are the most amazing person. when i was really ill, and was giving up hope, I was suicidal..
I came across your blog..
You gave me reason to live, and say no to giving up :)
I love you so much.

Unknown said...

Aww, Kandee! You've changed me in such a huge way, too! I am a much better person than who I used to be because of you. Your story is so inspirational and I love how you always have a message after every blog post which makes me feel super warm and fuzzy! The most important thing I've learned to tell myself is that everything is going to be okay!

Zozed said...

Kandee, I'm so happy that you have noticed your impact on people! And I'm happy to know you actually read our words.

You truly ARE a big inspiration. Believe me, whenever I'm tired, or depressed or whatever, opening your blog from my bookmarks is the first thing I do to prevent myself from ever getting disappointed.
Then I read more and more, and then I realize I'm all hopeful and happy again.

It's really really nice of you to keep saying everyone should go get their dreams, because most people keep telling the opposite and make you disappointed, but then YOU make it all okay for me, just through your blog!

Kandee, please never stop doing this, I'm about to tell you why; you see, It's like a cycle, or whatever; you inspire people and help them gain hope, then these people wish you happiness for you've helped them gain something good, then again you become more and more happy and this time you help them even more, then people are even more grateful for knowing you, and so on, after a while you see both sides are totally happy! Nice cycle, isn't it?!


Teodora Gandeva said...

Kandee, I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful posts and videos... they inspire me and encourage me so much everytime I come to your page!!!You're really like a ray of light, bringing so much positive energy and joy and love..Just keep being so sunny and wonderful and encouraging, I really wish there were more people like you!!

Unknown said...

Kandee =]

You are such an inspiration!
I love make-up and each of your videos has made me adore it even more!
And then I found your blog and i could be sure that you're so full of joy and love, that it comes out through your smile :]

Sometimes it's hard to find all the brands you talk about on your tutorials here in brazil, but I try!! lol



Sarah said...

Kandee--you are amazing and truly beautiful inside and out and it is awesome that you share your view with all of us. We are blessed by you!

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