Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to Get Rid of A Tattoo (with make-up)

INTRODUCING: Kandee "the tattoo remover" Johnson

I think tattoos can be beautiful works of art, however, I am too indecisive to ever permanently get something on my skin. I like change too much, that I'm sure in 4 years I'd want to change it! ha ha

But as a make-up artist, for tv, movies, and special events....especially weddings...Even the most tattoo loving brides don't want to walk down the aisle with the rose they have on the back shoulder blade!
Even for models, companies don't want models that have tattoos. The girl I traveled with to Asia, to do modeling with, had a dolphin tattoo removed from her hip, so she could get more work...IT LOOKED SO GROSS, like a huge canker sore-crater of bloodiness was what was left over to heal!

I'm going to show you the tricks of pro make-up artist and special effects artist, to get rid of tattoos!Well at least until you wash it off!
It would even work on this guy!
What you need:
a razor (to remove hair if in a hairy place leg arm or leg)
rubbing alcohol (to cleanse the skin of all oils)
an airbrush (I LOVE Dinair airbrushes, Dina was the first person to ever use make-up with an airbrush)
Dinair Paramedical Make-Up (this is make-up like no other, it won't come off on clothes & will last all day long, it will cover, scars, birth marks, vitiligo, port wine, acne, tattoos, rosacea, bruises & burns. It's designed to hold up in for actors in movies, under hot lights, and for the scrutinizing eye of High Definition Cameras!)
Tissues just like tattoo artist need to clean off the need to gently buff the skin between layers
Fawn Brown Glamour Airbrush Make-up to give the authentic look of freckles or beauty marks
(optional) STENCIL for Freckles & Beauty Marks this is what I use in the video to give it a very realistic look
Get ready to watch and be amazed! ooooh! Ahhhhhhh!
And a HUGE thanks to my boyfriend's brother, Billy, who've I've known since he was little, and didn't have one tattoo, just blue or green hair! (Thanks Billy for getting tattoos, so I could cover them up!hee hee)

WATCH ME AT WORK IN MY "Un-Tattoo" SHOP! Like Kat Von D, but in reverse...I'm Kan Von J! ha ha ha ha
huge love and tattoo coverin', Kandee


Pepette said...

hi kandee

you are amazing

come to france

PeculiarRoyalty said...

oh thanks for this!!! I have a butterfly on my arm and I was just thinking I dont want to be all dolled up with this tat showing and normal makeup rubs off excellent video!!!

Fleur-de-Lis said...

I've just found your blog and videos on youtube and i wanted to thank you for giving so many useful tips, to common girls at an average price. You are a joy to watch and i'll definetly visit you more often** :)

Anonymous said...

hey kandee this is madeena and i just wanted to say ur a really amazing person! i mean i love ur blogs! their not justa bt fashion its touchign and inspiring as well! ive become inspired to start my own blog so if u cud PLEASEEE follow it..

thankssss love ya!

...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

Pretty COOL!

Anonymous said...

i cant tell you how many tears iv'e shed for you, you broke my heart and now you hurt me a second time, go ahead and flip shit in your mind to whatever it is that makes you feel better because you need help, at what point do tell yourself "this is not how you treat people" ? at what point are you going to snap out of it and practice what you preach? ask yourself that question... dont b.s. yourself and say im full of it you have taken and taken from me so much and you put back out there for your audience you might as well signed your blogs with my name and still yes im noticing the pictures among alot of other things and right about now you might be thinking i have no proof but lil girl i dont need it all that matters is the truth and that lies between you and me, on my end im all good as far i know i know im not the one that fucked around the whole time all i was doing was being me and since thats the case i realize now your doing the same your being you" this is the epidemy of kandee... not once have you made an attempt to directly talk to me but all day you can take my words or situations and blend a concoction of blogs you can use pics that somewhat resemble my favs.

i dont know what it is the shook you this time but what happen to not being judgmental?

when i write things no matter if its facebook,twitter on d.a. its not sympathy im after im just venting cause sometimes thats all i got so dont fuckin go on with your leg is hurting cause i see through that

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH im not the one who was scared its you your the one being too afraid

dont call me bitter yea im hurt but i have all the right to be my heart is a fuckin tragedy and your just another scar and dont you dare pull a god angle on this either cause this is all you, after sending this im never reading or watching anything you put out and if anything is said to you its not from me its the other people and when i say other people if you dont know its the ones that know of me and what you do, theres a hand full of youtubers and bloggers doing the same thing to me what you did to me but they know its all in vain cause my heart was always only in one place so if you get any backlash its them not me

Sara said...

WOW.. thanks for the post.. this is really helpful ^ ^

Theearcticfox said...

I love this your amazing, smart, and beautiful. Forget the haters!

Christy said...

I have been waiting for someone to post a good video about covering tattoos with airbrush makeup! You just made my day! THANK YOU!

Christy said...

Kandee, quick question - I noticed you used Dinair makeup in the video. Do you prefer that over Temptu Dura for tattoo covering? I'm a makeup artist as well, and have tried Temptu and OCC, Temptu being my fave between the two. If you recommend Dinair Paramedical over Temptu, I'll buy it and give it a shot, but I would like your professional opinion on it first. Thanks!!

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