Saturday, June 12, 2010


hi guys! wow! I am overwhelmed with messages about the scholarship! I wish I could just say you all can come, but I don't have enough room or giftbags to let everyone come! (ha ha ha)

I had to change the time limit to 1pm (pacific standard time- so about 30 minutes from this post)...due to my blog account keeps shutting down due to all the incoming comments! I have been reading for the last hour straight and I'm no where near  getting close to reading them all! I have been crying reading some of your messages...and I really wish I could have you all come, but I don't have room to invite everyone!)

Thank you so much, and I'll try to announce the winner as soon as I'm done reading them all!

huge, huge love, kandee


like a phenomenon said...

Kandee, you are an inspiration to all women. Your generosity and heart is amazing. You are the guardian angel of makeup, lol! Thank you for being such an amazing woman! Keep being you, you are awesome! Congratulations to all the winners! Hope you all have a great day with Kandee!!!

honeydueeyes said...

wow Kandee! this is awesome of you! i really really wish i would have known about the glaminars scholarship program. I have very limited time for myself and i dont get to read your blog as much as i would like to cause of work , home taking care of my two little ones ... I am so sad i wont be able to attend this years glaminars due to very limited funds due to my husband losing his job and completely changed our lives in so many ways. I hope to save money and be able to attend next year (if there is one for next year). I truly wanted to attend since i have been looking into going to school to get my Credentials in cosmetology . Fashion and everything to do with beauty have always been my passion! i thought it was too late for me to go to school but just reading your inspiring words and your great videos has made me change the way i see things in life. You truly are an amazing woman! Thank you for adding so much sweetness into my life . You truly are one of a kind Kandee.

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