Friday, April 12, 2013

The Kandee Dish: things I love Friday

I love Friday.
And I also love all these things this week:

Above: You know how I love turquoise (they call it mint), so that makes this "candy colored" GHD flat iron, well, like hair candy to me. The GHD Candy Collection comes in, CANDY MINT, CANDY LEMON, and CANDY VIOLET.

Next: I went hunting at my favorite antique store (maybe I'll post more about it on my Kandeeland blog)...but the milkglass candy dish, just begged to come home and live on my nightstand and cuddle my lipbalm, so it's totally out of sight next to my bed. Welcome to your new home, Candydishie.

Now get ready for some Viva Las Vegas....this gold dice ring, again said: "Hey little lady, how's about I shake things up on your hand"....and I said, sounds fun. Welcome to your new home hand, Elvis. Yes, I named the ring Elvis.

These babies are probably, already sold least they were almost gone at the MAC store at The Grove in LA, but here's some links if you wanna try buying whatever is left, as they are from MAC'S NEW COLLECTION, Fashion Sets:
EMBRACE ME: (THE BOTTOM COLOR) This is my fav hot pink lip liner right now!!

SILLY:  (the TOP color) is such a spring, glowy, beautiful color. MY TIP: Apply Embrace Me all over lips, apply SILLY on the center and blend out, apply lip balm on top and you'll have the most captivating lips around!

 And I am giving you a sneek peek at one of the DIY surprises, I'm gonna be uploading soon!
And not but not lovin'-least....
I went to THE BLOGCADEMY in LA last Saturday...
with the all-star team of "blog-u-cators" (like educators but more fun sounding), amazing and awesomely pink-haired, KAT OF RocknRollBride, web designer extraordinaire, and fellow MAC lover, SHAUNA HAIDER of NUBBYTWIGLET, you know me....and the beautiful, sparkling eyed, made me laugh til tears filled my eyes, Gala Darling.
 The Studio where it was held, was so cool, and from my years as a make-up artist, I always feel somewhat at home in a photography studio, and yes I did go check out the make-up room:

 And who doesn't love heart and bubbles on a table...
And I totally took this from  GALA's instagram...
 And I stole this picture from RocknRollBride's instagram...
And if you  didn't see the video I uploaded this week of my SUPER SMOOTHIE (yes, I filmed that bad boy, before I went to the blonde side) can watch it right heeee-yahhh:

So that's it! Huge huge hugs hugs and so much love, and a "hooray-it's-Friday-cartwheel" or two, your Kandee


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