Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 Foods & Drinks To Avoid To Look Younger

Okay, some of these you may already know, and I'm not preaching to you, I need to be reminded of these myself. And as you know, I am guilty, if you follow me on instagram you will see all my posts of cupcakes and rainbow sprinkled covered fro-yo! But I will say, I patted myself on the back, when I avoided the ice cream shop, even though my tastebuds really wanted one. Now, this doesn't mean you have to cut all these out of your life...everything in moderation, and don't eat a whole bag of sour gummi candies as a meal, like I have before! hee hee hee
And make wise food choices as often as possible- If I just ate what tasted good, I would live on cupcakes and hot chocolate- but instead I'll make my smoothie (recipe video at the bottom) to balance out when I go on a cupcake spree!
So let's get this party started...

#1. SUGAR - awwww man! I have more than a sweet tooth, I have a sweet jaw full of teeth!
*Turns out, our moms were right, sugar is no good for our health or our skin!
*Sugar molecules do major damage to not only our internal bodies, but it also our skin. Sugar gives our skin a big shove to having more wrinkles, as fast as possible. Not to mention, making you feel more tired and making you crave more sugar after your sugar "high" has worn off!
*Some studies show that SUGAR ages the skin faster than the sun. (You won't burn or get skin cancer, but sugar will push you to bonus wrinkles just the same!)
The not sweet side of sugar:
  • has an inflammatory response in the body
  • lowers your immune system
  • is awful on your insulin levels
  • is a mood buster – sugar highs then sugar mood blues 
  • oh and bonus weight gain is always a nice one

#2. CAFFEINE  - Your daily cup of joe may give your day a jumpstart, as well as a jumpstart on wrinkles! I've never been a huge coffee drinker, but coffee ice cream is one of my favs, it's a good thing I don't need a bowl of it to start my day.
*Coffee is a diuretic, it dehydrates you. Which is why you always see these "cellulite" treatments with coffee, it just basically dehydrates cells, constricts blood vessels, so you get a temporary illusion from dehydration of the cells. This is like saying, wearing Spanx, helps you lose weight.
Bottom line, any dehydration is no bueno, for your skin cells that need water to stay plump an to help flush out toxins from the skin.
*So all those mocha-frappa-rappa-donka-donk, drinks are not just hittin' ya with the caffeine, but a 1-2 punch of the "bonuses"  sugar on top- it basically a wrinkle-booster-in-a-cup! Ha Ha ha ha
*If you have to have your coffee, I suggest drinking a couple extra glasses of water to help hydrate you and your face!
* You are supposed to drink half your weight in ounces: EXAMPLE: you weigh 140 lbs, you need to drink 70 ounces of water to maintain proper hydration. Remember, one of the key component in fatigue is dehydration.

The bad side of caffeine:
  • exhaustion, fatigue- requiring you to buy more coffee, Starbucks loves this!
  • addictive
  • creates artificial highs and lows
  • insomnia
  • dehydration
Where it's found: coffee, a lot of teas, soda (watch out for Mt. Dew, it a sugar and caffeine doozy)

 #3. ALCOHOL -  No matter how many people quote the anti-oxidant power of wine, the damage that the sugars and the dehydration from the alcohol, do more to make your skin de-plumped, and more prune like, which ushers in prune-like wrinkles to be formed and to form a lasting bond with your face!  If you can't live without a glass of your favorite whatever, make sure your sipping water right along with your cocktail.
The free gifts of alchol:
  • Robs you of vitamins especially Vitamin B and minerals
  • Dehydrates leading to wrinkles- "say hello to my little prune-y face"
  • Affects brain cells
  • Ages skin and organs
  • and no one wants Liver disease, on top of wrinkles! Ha ha ha 
 #4.  TRANS FATS & HYDROGENATED OILS - (also note, that is not butter, butter is ok, well dont' eat a whole stick for a snack or anything, it's margarine that is the bad news)
What is that? It is a process where cheap sources of liquid oils are heated and turned into solid fats. Just take a look at the ingredient list on some of your fav snack and treats and you might be surprised how much hydrogenated "goodness" you'll find.
And these are the lovely things it causes:
  • Heart disease
  • Malabsorption of healthy oils
  • Diabetes
  • Adult Acne - acne can be caused by the internal inflammation that these cause in our bodies.
  • Attacks the nervous system
Where it's found: Cakes, cookies, biscuits, pastries, oils, spreads and pretty all kinds snack foods!

#5. FRIED FOODS - (oh sweet french fries!) - the problem is the heating and sometimes re-heating fats and oils. The heat is what changes the chemical balance creating the same problems as those sneaky ol' trans fats.
What it does:
  • Produces cancer causing chemicals
  • Increases bad cholesterol
  • Turns ‘OK’ food into ‘bad’ food (fried zucchini is not a healthy veggie anymore!)
  • Weight gain and obesity
  • Ages the skin- you're skin will look crunchy and fried like the food you're eating! ha ha ha
Now you might be thinking, well what am I supposed to eat and drink today! Well, if you have to put down your donut, your barrel of coffee or your jug of soda...this might be a little bit trickier! But hey we're not all going to just live on the veggies we're growing in our imaginary garden, so just limit the junk as much as you can, and eat healthy as much as you can, and go fill up a glass of water right now- AND DRINK IT! ha ha ha And sometimes, like for me, this is a good reminder, to get my food eating on the right track and make it easier to say no to dessert or a side of fries or will stop me from  adopting a lonely pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch!

I actually had a list of 10 things, but didn't want to overwhelm everyone! And I will say, once when I cut out all sugar (The only sweet things I ate were fruit or berries) for 30 days, I've never seen my skin look so amazing. Oh, you sugar, you!

And if you're really feeling like jump-starting your day without a coffee for breakfast, you can make my morning smoothie AKA Beauty-Energy-Feel-Good Smoothie:

And yes if you follow me on instagram, I will still eat a cupcake and frozen yogurt, just not everyday! Or maybe I'll just keep posting "eye candy pictures" of crazy food, just to enjoy with eyes, not needing to really eat it! ha ha ha

Hugs, your healthy-reminder, Kandee


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