Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kandee goes Blonde or "Blondee"...

 Back when I was in beauty school, like a thousand years ago, I used to change my hair color about every 4 weeks -blonde, red, copper, blonde, dark blonde, cherry and one time a nice blue shade.  So that fact that I've kept my hair brown for this many years is pretty amazing!
BUT IT'S TIME FOR A HAIR COLOR CHANGE, BABY!!!! We all need some change- life's too short to not change it up!

And I'll take a better picture in better lighting, because in this picture, taken with my trusty iphone it kinda looks way different than how it does right now as I type this- but I'm not taking a picture of it now- it's wayyyy toooo cray-cray morning hair!

This picture looks a little more like the blonde-ness that it is...but maybe I'll do a video showing my new hair, before anyone doesn't recognize me in a new video thumbnail! ha ha hah a ha

I did this myself Saturday night, right before Easter. FYI: I was up til about 2:30am lightening and toning it! ha ha ha

 If anyone wants to know what I'm wearing:
SHIRT: Forever21
CARDIGAN: Forever21
SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell (one of my fav pairs of shoes- comfy too!)

Now I' look more like my mom and her blonde hair....ha ha ha

SIDENOTE: Do not attempt going this blonde from hair dark my hair was before if you're hair is long...ha ha ha. This is how short my hair has to be to go blonde, any longer than this and it would just all fall our the first time I'd blowdry it!
So as soon as my hair grows out...bye bye blondie! So I'll enjoy it while it's only inches long!

I love my dark hair, but life is too short to have the same color hair your whole life! Have fun, see what it feels like to try a new color just may like it! The weird thing is, every time I have gone blonde, I do feel a little ligher and brighter. The beauty of hair is if you don't like it, you can always change it!

Maybe I'l try to film a video today showing off my new hair....and letting people know so they know it is still me in my video thumbnails on youtube! ha ha ha

huge hugs from your Kandee AKA Blondee

PS. Did you see my last video? The No Mirror Make-Up Challenge- watch and have a good laugh on me:


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