Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wild Hair, Hauls, and a little video I made in NYC:

 I can hear Kid N' Play calling, can you? This was just some of the awesome hair I saw in NYC...the above Graffiti Hair was done by the amazing, Tootdabarber at the International Beauty Show.

And then the hair was about to get bigger and crazier at The Battle of The Strands, NYC  qualifying competition, where I got to be a judge, along with "Blonde-er to the Stars", Kim Vo and the editor-in-chief, of American Salon, Kelley Donahue.
This was the team from the Oscar Blandi Salon, that won with their Cotton Candy Girl theme:
Even her "dress" was made of hair, fake hair that is! 
And I loved the "butterfly inspired make-up" that the team from Hair and The City's, make-up maven, Raven did!

And I got a little 30 minute break in my 36 hours of being in NYC, to run down the street to the Urban Outfitters, that was near my hotel (I actually was hoping to find a new shirt to wear for the Battle Of The Strands, but ended up wearing the same one! ha ha ha) I filmed a little "NYC See what I got" video...

 And I even found the instax cameras that I fell in love with after Gala Darling, Rocknroll Bride, and NubbyTwiglet showed me theirs at The Blogcademy. Is was "insta-instax-love"!
Look at the colored polaroid-fun! 
I totally borrowed this photo from Gala's Blog! Can you see me?!?

Now come enjoy the little video I made in my little, but loved-every-second-time-in NYC!
CLICK THIS RIGHT HERE if you can see the video below!

Huge hugs and remember, you've got talent, your're unique, and you don't need to be like anyone else, othter than your amazing self- now go shine that precious-you, to the world, your friend Kandee


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