Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Random 5: Nicknames and nonsense

 It's time for the 5 Random Saturday Facts, where maybe you'll get to know me a little better...
And a little picture that already seems weird to see my with my hair long...ha ha ha ha

#1. NICKNAMES PEOPLE/FRIENDS CALL ME: Kan, K-train or K-dazzle

#2. MY WEAKNESS: desserts

#3. MY LIP ADDICTION of the moment: Perfect Red Lip Liner from Too Faced- you can put it on all over like a lip color...almost like I did in the NO MIRROR MAKE-UP VIDEO ha ha ha

#4. I like to count how many hours of sleep I'll get from the time I go to bed until the time I need to wake up. Then I usually can't fall asleep and have to re-calculate my hours! ha ha ha

#5. I think I'lve had blonde hair more times than I've thought! ha ha ha
I think I've gone from dark to blonde about 6 times!
Although my hair is about this color and length again, this picture was about 9 years ago.

And there you have my RANDOM 5!
Does anyone else do the sleep counting thing!? ha ha ha

Maybe leave me a comment below about a fun, random or silly fact you'd like to know about?!?

Huge hugs and happy Saturday! I'm soooooo excited I'm going to The Blogcademy in LA today!! You can bet your eyebrows I'm gonna blog about it! ha ha ha

If you didn't see the video yet about my new hair did, do, why how and who you can watch it right hee-ya....



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