Friday, April 5, 2013

Going, Going.... Blonde!

I wanted to make a little video for the: why, how, what if you wanna, and for those that hate my new hair! ha ha ha ha

After lots of my own DIY blonde-ing (good thing I wasn't a beauty school drop out), lots of toning, a little lightening of the eyebrows....I present you with "My new hair color" video- (and I'll post below my nail polish and all the other stuff I'm wearing, since I got a lot of nail polish "must-know" questions- just click in the triangle in the center:

What I've got on:
EARRINGS: from Claire's (I know it's weird to see my wearing matching earrings, but gotta change it up sometimes!)
SHIRT: I heart NY shirt that I cut up into cuter-than-a-t-shirt-ness
BANDANA: can't remember I think the craft store, fabric store, or maybe it was my dads
RING:  I think it's from H&M, I can't remember....but I've had it a while

LAVENDER NAIL POLISH:  from the new spring, Versailles Romance collection I blogged about HERE, Lacey Lilac from L'Oreal
*I love it because it almost seems like it glows with "lilac-ness"! You'll see just watch in the video it looks like it's glowing.


WON'T BE: I won't be at IMATS in NYC-I will miss seeing everyone there, hugging everyone and speaking. I love NYC, I love IMATS, and I love most of all, getting to meet you all in person, encouraging you and getting to hug you all!
But, the reason I won't be in NYC is because of this......

WILL BE: At THE BLOGCADEMY in LA!!! The Blogcademy is on world tour and this is their first Los Angeles stop! I'm so excited to go, be inspired and meet all the awesome girls behind the Blogcademy, I've only met Gala Darling on twitter, and I can't wait to really talk to her! hee hee

What can you do this weekend to make you life more filled with inspiration, fun, change and just seee what happens when you compliment or encourage others a little more...
GINORMOUS hugs and yes I will be blogging and instagramming my time at the BLOGCADEMY tomorrow for sure!

HOORAY IT'S FRIDAY CARTWHEELS, your kandee the now blondee


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