Monday, April 29, 2013

A Peek At Some of My Make-Up Secret Weapons

This weekend I did make-up for all the girls I did make-up for in my prom videos...because their real prom was this saturday.

And I busted out my make-up secret weapons...all the big-power make-up that are in my make-up artist kit, which I should really call my "make-up luggage" ha ha ha.

Maybe I'll do a video of ALL, or at least most of what's in my kit- it's a lot of pro stuff, that is super powered pigment, super long lasting, and special products for weddings, tv, film, video, and for special appearance and any time anyone needs to look really good, for a long time...ha ha ha


RCMA  "Vincent Kehoe"  or "VK" 18 FOUNDATION & CONCEALER PALETTES- these are the essential foundation/concealer palettes for any make-up artist. You can match ANY and EVERY skin tone from the lightest fair to the deepest dark tone. I remember once when I was key make-up artist for a fashion show that had models of multiple skin tones and nationalities and I had all these make-up artists,  good ones that have their work in big magazines, coming to borrow my RCMA palettes! Because I was perfectly matching every different skin tone, nothing was too yellow, pink, light, orange, dark- because I had ALL my options!
I use these for my own personal foundation and concealer too. You can cover, highlight, contour your face from tan in the summer to lighter in the winter and every shade in between!
 I've used both the #10...

 and #11 palettes for years.
*they are professional grade, which is different than theatrical or "everyday" make-up, they are composed of 50% pigment, which means a little goes a long way and it won't look cakey because of filler ingredients that theatrical  or your average drugstore or everyday make-up has.
*they last a long time, because you use much less than your regular foundation or concealer.
*perfect match and contour and highlight your own face in every season
*they contain no animal product ingredients, perfume, mineral oil, lanolin or petrolatum.
*they only use pure plant oils, natural waxes and FDA approved pigments

*Plus, say hi to the Kehoe family if you order! They are still a small family owned and run company and they care so much about the quality of their products and make-up artistry! They care more about the quality that products, that their father and make-up artist started back in the 60's.

*it's a super-powered make-up sealer, that makes your face sweatproof, waterproof, cry proof (good for weddings and tears), and I used this when I was sweating in NYC in August years ago and everyone has make-up melt-down, except for me!

This stuff is amazing, and I use it on everyone for weddings, I used it for the girls for prom, and I used to get bride's emailing me that they slept in their make-up on their wedding night, and woke up looking like I had just finished their make-up- nothing had moved or melted off! ha ha ha ha

YABY GODDESS LIP PALETTE - Yaby was started by my friend and make-up artist, Liz. Again, this is a pro product, it's more pricey because you use less, it contains so much more pigment than "regular" make-up, and the ingredients are not a bunch of fillers like in cheaper make-up. I love this palette because you can make the perfect nude pink or pin-up red!
*And if you order, tell Liz I said hi! She's the sweetest make-up artist, business woman, and mama!

GRAFTOBIAN - I love the Graftobian Cool Blush Palette
Again, this baby is more expensive because you're buying an 8 piece palette, you couldn't buy 8 MAC blushes for $10 a piece! ha ha ha And this is more for professional make-up artist, because the pigment is richer, it lasts lasts longer, and is designed  to look good for HD tv and video. And I love all these shades of pink!

BEAUTY SO CLEAN - I am a semi-germaphobe! So this is not only a must have for make-up artist, but for anyone that wears make-up. I use both the Beauty So Clean Brush Sanitizer (and it's chemical free, unlike most all other brush cleaners) and I use the Beauty So Clean Sanitizing Mist which you can sanitize your blushers, powders, eyeshadow and foundation palettes - everything from your creams to powder products!
*And they release season scents like cupcake, gingerbread and chocolate!
*And say hi to Nancy, if you order- she is also a friend and started as a celebrity make-up artist, who started Beauty So Clean!

BEAUTY BLENDER - I can only sound like a cd on repeat....but I love the beauty blender! My friend Ree Ann, who's also a make-up artist, invented this special shape and special material- that has been tried to be copied- but no one can make it quite like the Beauty Blender! One application of our foundation with this and you will be in love! I found a link  (CLICK HERE) where you can get 2 more almost he same price as 1! And they last forever!

And here's some honorable mentions from on my table...

 MAC To The Beach Body Oil in Seaside - I use this on the girls arms and neck and chest area- to add moisture and a heavenly glisten, without looking all glittery. I used this lighter color on the girls that were light to medium.

And I used this or a mix of the 2 on the medium to darker (AKA more tan) girls...
MAC To The Beach Body Oil in Man Rays

The rest are just some of my brushes....
And please comment below if you want to see me do a video on ALL or at least MOST of the "secret make-up weapons" I have in my make-up kit and I will be doing a video on MAKE-UP BRUSHES:  what each shape is for and how and what I use some of my brushes for!

And if you missed it, before all the girls came over and I set my make-up table up, like above, I uploaded this video for  a "pretty princess updo and a "princess with a twist option":

Huge hugs and make this monday great, no matter what happens, hunt for the happiness, your homegirl, Kandee


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